So Much

Man there’s so much that I wanted to post about today, but I can’t really remember it all. We’ll try…

First, I got into all the classes that I wanted for next semester, now it’s just a matter of fixing some times and shit. MWF 8:00 Am sucks ass. But I got rid of a TR class, so that I can sleep in more / work more.

I dunno, there really was alot that I wanted to babble about. We have our first test tomorrow in Social Psych. I dunno how that’s going to go, I’m home tonight to study for it. Good times.

la la la

My family ordered a pizza for supper and it had all mushrooms on it, fuckers. I hate mushrooms.

Well this is pointless ramble, I’m leaving.


So I remembered two things, 1) someone from has been coming here, so if it’s you, please e-mail me or something, that’s cool. 2) Go here. Nice pictures.


Ok, one more thing, today I dropped the picture I have on my desk of Adam behind my desk, well I had pulled my desk away from the wall a bit and was laying on top of it reaching back behind it to get the picture when Barb came in and asked what I was doing, I told her I had dropped something, she asked what I had dropped and I put the picture back up on my desk. She picked it up and said “Oh, the picture of your brother.” I sooo wanted to tell her, “No, that’s my Boyfriend” but I didn’t. Ohwell, it was still funny shit.

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