First Test

Well first test today, it went alright I think, I mean. I knew the shit, I really did, I studied most of last night, I’ve read all the chapters, I did good on the quizes, but some of those damn questions just threw me off. I hope I did good on it.

Do any of you out there remember Monty Hall and “Lets Make a Deal.” I loved that show… Buy anyway. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re on the show.

There’s three doors, one of which has a prize behind it. For this expirement we’re going to assume that you always pick door #1. You pick your door and Monty then opens one of the other doors (it doesn’t matter which one, there wasn’t a prize behind the now opened door). Monty gives you the option to either A) Keep your original door (#1) or B) Exchange your door for the other closed door.

Will you have better odds of winning given A or B? Post your answers in the comments.

There were two other things that I wanted to post about last night, but of course, I can’t remember them now… I know one was sex, but that’ll wait.

Does the letter K appear more offten as the first or third letter of a word?

Again post answers in the comments.

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