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So last night was lots of fun, Adam and I went downtown and called up James, who was in bed neeked, who knows what he was doing, but we made him get up and come down… He was wearing the most hideous orange pants and some unmatching shirt, it was bad… But never-the-less we had a great time. Adam wants to be in a porn now and James wants to film it, very odd if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat.

We also ran into Dustin, (not Dustin, but Dustin. I should just keep calling him Nathan, cause that would just make life so much easier). I guess he’s going to Alt Prom as well. (Hehe, you could turn that into a thing “” roflol, there’s currently an “”). We also saw Purple Shirt boy and called him an asshole, cause he his. It was just fun in general.

Ramsey starts on Tuesday, that should be fun times.

Last night I did my laundry, like I do every Friday night, I put it in the wash before I left for the evening and put it in the dryer when I got home… This morning I got out of bed (more on this to come), and went to restart the dryer while I was in the shower to get the wrinkles out. I walk out of my room and there’s my laundry all crumpled up in a basket with a bunch of thier shit on top of it, I was SOOO Pissed, you have no idea, so now I have to wait tell the dryer gets done so I can re-dry them. Fuckers. I can’t have wrinkled clothes.

On the topic of getting out of bed, I awoke this morning at 7:30, after getting just about 6 hours of sleep, I was like, “I’m not getting up” so I rolled over and tried going back to sleep, I couldn’t. So I just laid there tell 10:00 when I got up. Grrr.

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