What a long weekend!

So all last week we were in training with that stupid guy. He basically didn’t REALLY know how the system worked at all. Which was VERY scary because he’s our lead programmer and what not. If he can’t even tell people who things work then how can we be sure he’s giving us the RIGHT implementation?

Anyways, I left work early on Friday and picked up the bronco from the shop. It was leaking brake fluid so I got that fixed. It’s still leaking power steering and one other thing, which I’m not sure what it is! lol. Hopefully we will get it back to Iowa without any problems!

Speaking of which, Daniel is going to be driving to Iowa with me. We’ll be making stop overs in Zion, Bryce, Staircase, Arches and perhaps Rocky Mountain national park (if they get the road open in time). So that’s going to be VERY entertaining! LOL

Anyways, so Friday Daniel was supposed to come over, but he called me at like 7:30 and said he was to tired so he went home. Which kinda pissed me off. So anyways I spent the evening cleaning and what not.

Got up Saturday and headed to Altadena to do some canyoneering with the group. WE had a really great itme and although it was a bit hot, the walking around in waterfalls sure made up for that. Towards the end we even found a waterfall that made the perfect slide! We all went down it 2-3 times! Tons of fun! Got done with that and we ate delicious Pastrami Sandwiches at The Hat. I highly suggest checking it out!

Came home from that and met up with Daniel for the evening. We were going to go see Star Trek but then changed our minds as we were sitting in the theater to go play mini-golf instead! Had tons of fun doing that and then came home, drank some wine and chilled for the evening. I even talked him into spending the night for once!

Sunday morning I got up and left to go to Disney land. But as soon as I got up my knee was KILLING me. But I had promised Marshall that I’d come, so I went down there to see him and watch the movie UP. The movie was cute and funny, but overall a little depressing and didn’t live up to what I was expecting.

So after the movie, JoEric and I walked around the park a little bit and then I was in way to much pain so I just went home. I was very sad because I didn’t get to hang out with Marsall!

Came home and Daniel was just getting ready to leave, but I talked him into staying. We watched movies, had some hot sex, made dinner and then road the roller coaster that is the Earthquake! I was very scared.

Daniel left after that and I went to bed. Got up Monday morning, did work, came home, took a horse sized advil and went to bed.

Today I am trying to do work,but not really succeeding very much. I am so apathetic right now towards my job and my boss. Just this project is going to be such a huge problem and nothing is happening the way I had anticipated it to and it’s very annoying. I wish I had spoken up more originally and said NO we are not going to use Columbus IT.

In other news, I am getting very excited for the trip to Lava Beds. It’s just going to be Nick and I! The way things should be! LOL. I am hoping that they get the road through Lassen opened up so that we can make a trip through there. Also looking for some people with wide angle lenses so that I can borrow one!

And that’s about it. Adios!

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