Lava Beds National Park

Well this past weekend was one hell of a trip! Thursday I left work early and drove up to Fresno to meet with Nick. The bronco did GREAT driving up there although it was HOTTER then a hell and my balls were VERY sweaty! LOL. At one point I contemplated driving in my underwear!

Got to Fresno with some time to kill so I went to this cute little farmers market they have on campus. Enjoyed one of the most amazing Brownie ice cream sandwiches ever, bought some wine for mother and some other things. From there I walked over to the library and read some magazines and hung out. Nick showed up around 6ish and we were off to do last minute errands and other such stuff. Got to bed around 11pm after lots of catching up and what not.

UP early Friday morning, Nick made us a delicious breakfast and we were off to a quick start! The drive up there was great! So many things to see and do. I spent most of the time reading about scenic drives in the US and planning the drive back to Iowa! 8 Hours later and we were in Lava Beds where the fun started right away! We got a camp site and off we went to start exploring!

That evening we did a short cave tour, then hiked to the top of this Butte where they had a fire tower and watched the sunset. Got back to camp, made some delicious dinner and drank some wine. Got yelled at by some bitch in the campsite next to us and then went to bed! 🙂

Saturday we got up early and did a 6 mile hike to the edge of a HUGE lava flow. It was really cool to just see it suddenly all STOP right there. Climbed around on that for a while then hiked back… although this time we stopped and did a little detour up and over a butte and did some “scenic boys” style photos! After that we drove out to this Petroglyph point, where there were no petroglyphs and then hiked around some more and drove through all the fields which were VERY pretty this time of year!

Got back to camp, made a freeze dry meal and went to bed after a quick game of Scrabble in which I came up with the word “Fagit”! LOL.

Sunday we got up early and headed out for the day. Spent the whole day exploring caves which I have decided is NOT my thing to do! LOL. By the end Nick just went in alone and I hiked around on the surface! That evening we went up to Mammoth Crater and played frisbee and hung out. Then we went into town and had dinner! Delicious! If you’re ever in Merril, OR stop at Pappy-Ganders! 🙂

Monday we got up at 5:30 and drove home. I was super tired all weekend for some reason and I did not approve. Monday I had a horrible headache all day! Finally got back to LA at 7pm! Ugh what a long day of driving.

Today I leave for Iowa with Daniel. This should be another interesting TRIP!


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