Road Trip to Iowa

Soooo. This past weekend was the road trip to Iowa.. Very very crazy.

So we left here around noon on Wed and drove to Zion. It was a great drive.

Got to Zion about an hour before sunset so we rushed up to the bus and took it around the park just to see what we were missing. It’s one hell of an amazing place! I can’t wait to get back there. Got out at one point and took some photos and then headed back to the camp site. The bed pad that I got ended up being MUCH smaller then anticipated, but we were able to squeeze into it!

EARLY Morning on Thursday and we headed into town to get some breakfast and then got on the road. Reached Arches around 1ish and drove around there for a short bit. Only got to see ONE arch which kind of sucked, but again it was a nice taste of what we were missing!

Drove and Drove and DROOOOVE and reached Colorado, got my parents to book us a hotel in Grand Lake, CO for the evening. We stopped about an hour from there for dinner because the woman in 7/11 said that NOTHING would be open in that town that late (she was right). So I pulled into a restaurant parking lot we went in, had dinner (delicious), came back out and had a FLAT TIRE! Thankfully I used my AAA card and got them to come and change it in about 20 minutes!

AT LAST we got to the hotel and the guy was creepy and very bitchy (I think he was eastern European). Got our hotel (2-stars!) and just crashed in bed.

We got up a bit late on Friday because we were told there was a place in town that could quickly fix our flat. We went and had breakfast while waiting for them to open up, then headed over there RIGHT at 8am. Get in there and the guy says it’ll take “a few hours” to fix! UGH! So I took the chance and off we went!

Drove through Rocky Mountain National Park which was JUST AMAZING! The next 10 hours of the trip were all downhill! Fucking Nebraska!


Yep, still FLAT!

Ohh, it smells horrible, but STILL FLAT!

At last we got to Iowa, drove to Manning and met up with two of the cousins for some drinking. Had Tomato Beer, Orange Juice Beer, Pineapple Beer and Cranberry beer. All very interesting…

Got to the hotel in Carroll and crashed for the evening, slept till 11 and then got up and went to my Grandma’s Birthday thing which was a total bust. Ugh, crazy family. Left there at like 2 (2 hours TO LONG!) and drove to the farm where we took the top off the bronco and then drove around the back country of the farm for a bit. Good times.

Drove home from there with Dad and stopped in Perry for some ice cream. Got home, took a nap, and then went out with Zach, Mandy and Nic for the evening. Ran into Oksana at the Garden which was out of control! I honestly have NO idea what happened most of the night. UGH. I hate when that happens! LOL.

Got home at like 4am after throwing up in Nic’s bathroom, crashed in bed for a while then got up at 10 and went to brunch with the other family. I was completely hung over! UGH! But it was fun to see everyone and what not.

Drove home after that and basically slept the rest of the day until the flight left! Opps.

So that was the trip to Iowa. It was good over all, Daniel only annoyed me slightly towards the end because all he wanted to do was sleep when I wanted to go and do STUFF!

The flight back was fine, no problems, a little bumpy, so whatever.

Got home, Daniel dropped me off and I crawled in bed. Got up Monday and came to work and did SO much shit. Daniel called me at some point and said he wanted to hang out that night. I had to unpack and do all that shit, so I told him no. He came over last night and said he “wants to be more exclusive”. So whatever that means. I told him we’d have to discuss it. He’s fun, but I don’t agree with the whole pot thing or the no education and what not…

So anyways, work has been redic! Boss is an idiot, STILL. He is doing all kinds of shit behind my back that I need to do, he’s instructed our contractor to NOT call me back. Ugh, completely mess.

My landlord is also an idiot! He emailed me bitching about the fucking plants again, and then told me I can’t have my Door mat! WTF! Are you fucking KIDDING ME! Idiot!

So anyways, yes. Outta here.

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