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So my new Phil prof seems pretty cool. I learned more in the two hours today then I had the entire semester with Heiber. The new guy does things a bit wierd though, there’s only one test, but there’s a quiz every day. And those count for 40% of your grade, the test is 30% and the other 30% is an essay. Very interesting. Hopefully I’ll pass this time.

I’m still confused as to how I failed the first class though. Considering the class average was 44% and I has like a 66% or something. I just don’t get how I failed. I’m guessing that he must not have curved at all, and that the majority of the class then failed. Or perhaps the distribution was just odd.

So also I’m really mad now cause apparently my PU’s decided to not go to Alaska this summer, and after they got my hopes up. They seem to be good at that. I guess they want to spend the money building a new fucking gargage then to take a trip. Mother fuckers. I was really looking forward to going somewhere this summer too, like a real vacation, not just road trips. I mean this is my last summer that I’ll get to do anything, and now it looks like I’m going to spend it in Ames by myself whilst everyone else in DM is out having a good time, and while most other people are off vacationing, I’m going to be working. Hopefully I’ll be able to save up enough money to go on a trip somewhere, but I don’t know who would go with me though because everyone else is pretty well cash strapped, and Andrew’s already going on a cruise, so I doubt that he’ll want to pay for another vacation somewhere else. Whatever. I’m so mad that they aren’t going though. Grrr at stupid PU’s.

It’s very humid here today, and it’s making me think of summer camp. Just the way that the weather is, it’s cloudy, and hot and humid. I’m not going to think about it much because I know I’ll just start crying.

Work today has been going by pretty fast because we spent like an hour and a half in a meeting, talking about random general things. I have to come up with a new password for the servers and stuff now. Hopefully I can get something that’s actually good, not the shit they have here now. Also the stupid receptionist has forgotten her password every day that she’s come in so far. It’s like “HELLO” perhaps you can remember SOMETHING you are a fucking college student!

Next month I have money, and I’m very tempted to spend it all, but I know that I can’t. With the graduations this last weekend, I’ve been very jealous of people lately, and with what the parents are paying for anymore. This, I’m sure makes me sound like I’m 50, but today kids get A LOT more then what I did growing up. And I do mean A LOT! And today’s graduates just don’t understand money, I see so many of them just throwing it all away, and not worrying about saving it.

This money thing has also brought me new respects for Andrew and his ability to save money. Way to go Drew!

I’m kinda of wishing that I had stayed in the dorms now though, so that I could be saving alot more money then what I am. For me it’d add up to about $3,000 extra a year in savings, rather then into my apartment. Grrr, I want to have more money. Mostly to save though. I’m very worried about not having a job once I graduate, and then not having any money, and ending up poor and in debt, since I’ve done such a good job right now of not being in debt.

I’m also not looking forward to August.

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