NAS not NOS!

I’ve decided I want to build my own NAS…. I mean WHO WOULDN’T want 800 Gig’s of RAID 5 hard drive space?

It’s pretty much means no chance of loosing data. After seeing andrew loose his twice in as many weeks. I dont want to do that.

I currently have an 80 gig and a 160 gig full of shit at home. It’s also be nice to use so that I can start running MythTV again. Currently I don’t have the room on my computer to store even an hour of TV. Blah. AND the best part is that I could backup my laptop daily to it.

I have found Project UDAT. That one will cost me about $1500 to build myself. Which could be fun. But there are a few parts that I would be nervous about building myself… “Drilling out the rivets”

I also found Fastora NAS Which is $1,000 pre-build. But it doesn’t come with drives, and it’s only a 4 bay model. Which means I’d only get 600 Gigs.

On this topic. It always amazes me how quickly one can fill a big hard drive. I just bought my 160 a few months ago (LIke around christmas) and it’s already full… I never thought I’d be able to fill it! And now that it’s full and all my other drives. I really want to get a good backup solution. Currently I have a single copy of most of it, and a dual copy of the things that really matter. My laptop gets synced to my iPod whnever I remember to do it….

I really can’t wait tell Apple enables the iPodHome. That way I can just have my Home directory mirrored to my iPod, much like you do with a windows domain (Check in/out). Though I have to delete about another 2 gigs off my iPod to fit my entire home directory.


Where are our Terrabyte drives?!

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