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Parents Are Coming

So my PU’s are coming to town… HELP ME PEOPLE! What should I do with them? I figure one day in Laguna Beach…. And I’d like to take my mom to South Coast. But I dunno what they’d both like to do. So Idea’s for old people please! I think I’ll stop at the airport one day or some random hotel and see if I can get some brochures for things to do!

Gilmore girls was crazy tonight! I’m so mad at them for ending it the way they did! I can’t wait tell next season to find out what the hell the answer is! OMG. I’m going to have a heart attack! I hate this. Gilmore people, GET TO WORK AND MAKE MORE SHOWS. I’m going to be so sad when this show goes off the air. 🙁

Nothing much else to update about today. I spent a little over an hour talking to Andrew on the phone today. That was good to get to talk to him again. I really missed talking to him every night.

People here at work didn’t send me the info that I needed to do my work tonight… So I’m going to work on cleaning up some code that I wrote a long time ago. Blah.

Also WP1.5.1 is out. Undecided about if I should update or not. Seems like too much work. Blah.

Laters all.

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Gilmore Girls was excellent. I’m kinda pissed about the Rory situation!!! I guess that’s what they gotta do to keep the show moving though. Can’t wait until next season, I hope they get married!

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