My Life

May 18, 2001

may 18, [], wow, opps i forgot to update anything yesterday. i don’t even

remember yesterday, what the hell did i do all day. hmm, that’s odd. oh i

remember i went and i had lunch angie, that was cool. then i went and had

an eye appointment, that was cool as well. i got contacts. weeeeeeeee for

contacts. but that’s about all that i remember about yesterday. oh well. today

i haven’t really done much. i went and helped some guy set up his computer,

he gave me $25 and his old computer which is cool cause yeah, i can run redhat

on it, it’s a 200mhz thingy. it’s pretty nice really, since all i’m going

to run is linux. i also moved my computer downstairs so i now have internet

with it, that’s really cool. oh i remember what i spent all day yesterday

doing. i installed Win2k Server on my pu’s computer and i’ve spent all day

setting up the permissions ans stuff. it’s coming along nicely. ok well i

guess that’s all i have to say right now. so laters all.

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