My Life

May 16, 2001

may 16, #4. [bob seger, "let it rock"] god damnit, why does my

asshole of a father have to be such an asshole. so i was downstairs watching

tv. the turner was sitting in his chair, but i was watching the tv. he comes

in sits down, turns the channel to someting that he could watch on any other

tv in the damn house (the show i was watching was on satellite, and the tv

downstairs is the only one that i can watch it on). i go "i was watching

that", he said, "so", "so i was watching that", "well

you’re going to be up later then i am", "so", then he sits

there just staring at me, "what", "don’t take that god damn

adittude with me", "i don’t have an adittude, i was watching that",

then i get up and walk off, and he yells at me, "GET BACK HERE AND LET’S

TALK ABOUT YOUR SHITTY ADITTUDE", "i don’t have a shitty adittude,

i was watching that", then i turn around and walk off, "well i’m

sorry you have such a shitty adittude chris." does anyone else se a fucking

pattern here. damnit i really fucking hate being home. i can’t wait tell work

starts again. damnit.

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