My Life

May 16, 2001

may 16, #3 [phil collins, "Both sides of the story"] can’t i just

fucking shoot my dad. we’re having chicken grilled, we make it kinda like

a tortilla filling, but they don’t eat it like that. however i like it with

a tortilla shell. so i went out, "no tortilla shells", "no,

noone eats them when you’re not home", "well i’m home aren’t i and

i like them with chicken", "well run over and get some", "yeah

right", "DON’T TAKE THAT SHITTY ADITTUDE", "i don’t have

a shitty adittude", the stupid bastard he did it again, only thinking

of himself. i’m not going to fucking drive all the way to ankeny just to get

fucking toritlla shells, it’s a 30 minute round trip and since he’s an asshole

he wouldn’t have waited for me to get back before they ate, so i would have

missed it all anyways if i had gone. he’s such a bastard.

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