Scones and My Kitty!

Wow. I have a lot to talk about here…

Last night was very busy. I went to the gym for an hour and biked. Then came home and cleaned the kitchen in prep for the night.

Constantine came over and he brought me a present! One of those memory foam things for my bed! How nice of him! 🙂

So we went grocery shopping and bought all the stuff we needed to make. Spent the whole night cooking and baking and having a good time! We made Peach Apricot glaze chicken, Ham and Cream Cheese Roll ups, and Pumpkin Scones! All of them turned out excellent except for the Pumpkin Scones, which weren’t horrible, but also not great!

We had a really good time making all those even though it was very hectic because I was also dealing with a large issue at work.

While we were icing the scones though my mom called. I answer and she tells me she’s at the animal hospital…..

My kitty (Elvis) the one that Adam saved from the street died last night. 🙁 He had a heart attack. It was very sad news. He wasn’t all that old either really…

RIP Elvis…

In other news. I’ve been working very hard on updating Gas Tracker. It’s a neat little PHP thing to help you track your gas receipts. The guy who wrote it originally hasn’t updated it in over a year, and it was a mess if you ask me. So I put it all into classes and basically completely re-wrote it all. It still has a lot of work to do (Mostly on the whole Maint Events part) but it’s very nice. You can see my Stats Here!

Next I am going to work on something very similar only for paychecks! Should be much easier to write as well. Cause everyone knows I’m a stats whore!

Oksana comes this weekend and I’m very excited! Cleaning and what not tonight and then tomorrow morning we pick her up from the airport, then to the Getty!

OK. I’m out everyone. Bye!

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