Fires, Downtown, The Getty, Dinner Party! Oksana HERE!

Wow, what another crazy busy weekend!

So Friday I got off work a little early and wen out to my car…

Turned the key and my car sputtered a little bit, started and then died. I turned the key again and it chugged a bit and started, I start to pull out of my spot and then it died. But this time very strange, because the tach and gas gauge didn’t go down to 0 like normal. They just hung where they were! Very odd. Turn the key again and NOTHING. Not a sound or anything. So I start to freak out, call a few people, but no one answered. So I tried again, and it started, I pull out of my place and go about a mile to the gas station. Just as I’m pulling up to the pump it dies. I get gas, start it up again and head over to the nearest Auto parts store, ended up having to buy a new battery.

Got home and cleaned and what not then Constantine came over.

Saturday we got up and picked up Oksana from the airport. Headed up north and stopped at Nordstrom Rack and then Helen’s to buy me a new Ghisallo helmet.

From there we headed north to The Getty spent a few hours there and ran into Mok. From there we headed up Sunset Drive and then to Rodeo Drive and then off to Hollywood and Highland. The winds really started to pick up about that time.

Called Jason once we were done there and headed over to Steve’s house, walked down to Hamburger Mary’s and ate dinner then walked down to The Abbey. Drove home after that.

Sunday morning we got up and did a walk on the beach, everything was VERY hazy that morning, but we weren’t sure why. Drove down to San Pedro and it got even worse. Headed up to Chinatown and then Olvera street after that and ate lunch. Met up with Jason about 2:30 and went flying which is when we finally figured out there were fires all around LA! Malibu is on fire, Canyon country, Ontario, Irvine and San Diego. There’s fires EVERYWHERE and now this morning it’s very very smoky smelling here. Very scary. Check out the Flickr pics of the Malibu Fires.

Anyways, after the flying we went and had a dinner party at Jason’s then drove Oksana up to her hotel.

It was another AMAZING weekend!

Photos are here.

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