LA’s on Fire!

Seriously! These fires are everywhere now! I heard that the three different ones up in the canyon country are going to be merging into one huge fire in the next day sometime.. The smoke is getting crazy. It smells like a HUGE camp fire around here. The sunset last night was very pretty though because of all the smoke. I’ve uploaded a few more pics to the photodump.

It’s really sad that all this is happening, but the reporters need to get a grip. Seriously, 24 hour a day coverage is just too much. Not enough changes to really make a difference. Break in when there is updates, have steady updates every 10 or 15 minutes, but continuous live coverage is just ridic. The reporters also need to be a little more put together. IE, yesterday morning I was watching MyFoxLA and the reporter broke down crying because her church burned down the day before. Ok, yeah it’s sad that your church burned down, but you are supposed to be reporting on the issue, go interview someone to cry about the church burning down. Then she went on this 10 minute rant about how the flames are close to her house. Then the cut back to the studio and the guy is like. “And she just went through this 10 years ago when her house burned to the ground”.

Check out this picture from below:

I have marked in red dots on the large one the areas that I am in. 🙂

Also, if you have google earth check out this file.

Lastly, Check out some of the videos at

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