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  • Dad’s Visit!

    It’s been a pretty drama filled weekend around here, but lots of fun. Last week at work was crazy as usual. Friday I had a demo with this company that FINALLY has their shit together.. Sad thing is, it’s a product from MICROSOFT! I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really really like […]

  • Can I Use a Figure 8?

    Another adventure filled week in the life of Cj B! Wow. Sometimes it amazes me how much my life has changed in the last year. How much I’ve accomplished in the last two years. Just wow. I’m sitting here trying to remember everything that I did this week. I hung out with Jason Monday night. […]

  • Where have I been?

    I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately. Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I […]

  • Fires, Downtown, The Getty, Dinner Party! Oksana HERE!

    Wow, what another crazy busy weekend! So Friday I got off work a little early and wen out to my car… Turned the key and my car sputtered a little bit, started and then died. I turned the key again and it chugged a bit and started, I start to pull out of my spot […]

  • Code Monkey

    Haha, Great video I found on AndyB’s site. Wow what a weekend! Let’s see, so Friday I worked and then went down to Laguna to apartment search with Nick. We found some ok places, one really nice place in Dana Point, but I think that is just too far south! After that we went to […]