Dad’s Visit!

It’s been a pretty drama filled weekend around here, but lots of fun.

Last week at work was crazy as usual. Friday I had a demo with this company that FINALLY has their shit together.. Sad thing is, it’s a product from MICROSOFT! I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really really like this software called Dynamics! For once it appears that Microsoft has got something done right! I am setting up a full 8 hour demo for later this month after I am back from Phoenix. I was supposed to leave at noon but this guy’s Outlook kept crashing on him. Gee, I wonder why, could it be because you have 5 Gigabytes worth of email stored on your computer!?!!? WHO needs that much fucking email saved!?! I got out at 1:30 and had some stupid conference to go to.

Got home that night and cleaned up the apartment and did a bunch of other stuff. Nothing to exciting. Got in a HUGE fight with Jason over the whole Kris/Erick meeting thing. I really do not approve of it. Long story short, I was pretty pissed the whole night at him. Then to top it all off as I was leaving to pick up dad, I saw Erick pulling away from Kris’ house. Just rubbing salt in! 🙂

So I go to pick up dad and stop to get gas at the Shell station by the Airport and some fucking homeless woman comes up to me and won’t fucking leave me alone. She started to get a little violent! I was scared. Went and picked him up, he was actually early and his luggage was the first one off the plane so we were able to get home pretty quick and get in bed.

Got up Saturday morning to some horrible overcast weather. Decided to drive out to Perris anyways just to see what the weather was like out there and as we got closer, it kept getting foggier. So we get there and they say they probably won’t start flying till 1, there’s already 2 hours of reservations backed up in front of us, so we wouldn’t get in the air till nearly 3 or 4 if at ALL! So we decided to forgo that and headed to the Marsh Air Museum. It was alright, they had lots of neat old planes and stuff out there. From there we decided to hear out to Joshua Tree. Had lunch at this CRAZY little Cafe in which the woman got our order COMPLETELY wrong! But we ran into these two REALLY hot rock climber guys who ate lunch with us and gave some tips on places to check out in the park. Spent a few hours in the park just bouldering around, hiking, etc. Headed back to LA and made it in really good time, stopped at China Town and Olvera Street, both of which were having some sort of crazy festival! Ate dinner at Olvera, headed over and showed him Union Station and then headed over to Disney to show him that crazy building. We walked around on the top of it and then headed home.

Sunday we got up EARLY again, there was a HUGE train wreck right by our normal climbing place, 26 people died, so that was all closed off. Decided to go to Malibu, George got there first and found out IT was also closed due to some stupid Triatholon. Ended up having to drive all the way to Mojave which ended up being a good thing. We got out there and headed to the bottom. I got to do my first lead climbing which was TONS of fun! I was a little scared and shaking like crazy, but I made it to the top without slipping once! These other random three guys joined us in the same spot and one of them brought his REALLY hot son along! I enjoyed watching him climb… Got done with that and I ran out of the Punchbowl again which was fun! My Ankle didn’t hurt this time, so that’s showing signs of improvement. Of course we ate at Charlie Browns! 🙂

Headed back to RB from there, stopped off at the airport overlook for a few minutes and then drove him through all the beach cities, stopped at the RB Pier and did the “Speed Boat” which really wasn’t that fast or that much fun. 🙁 The best part was that we saw probably 30-40 dolphins swimming along side the boat for a while.

Got back home and I showered then we went out to dinner with Sirin and Kris which was a lot of laughs. We had yet another stupid waitress at the freaking RB Brewing Company.

After that I left dad and went to Kris’ for our end of week drinks. I was only going to have one beer and then leave so he could study more and I felt bad about leaving dad home alone. Well that turned into one beer, a bottle of wine and then a Rogers Roy! I didn’t leave till 1:30am but we finished all of the first season of Heroes! Now we just have to get through Season 2 this week sometime! It was a little awk at times last night with him though, not in a bad way, but whatever. It’s hard to explain! I like him, but I don’t really think we should start anything for the sake of the threesome relationship (not in a dirty way!!) and the fact that he’s just gonna leave anyways! Like I’ve said before he’s a really great guy!

Sunday I got a REALLY long email from Erick again regarding the whole he and Const thing that happened back in April (well I found out about it in April, the act happened in January). I’ve basically decided over the past couple months from taking a step back and really looking at who he is that I don’t really feel comfortable having him in my life. He’s a manipulator to get what he wants, kind of a stalker in ways and there are tons of other little things about his personality that just really sit wrong with me. He was a great friend before, but I just don’t feel comfortable having him in my life at all any longer. I have yet to reply to his email as I’m not sure how to exactly put how I feel into words and I feel like he does deserve a full explanation.

Can I Use a Figure 8?

Another adventure filled week in the life of Cj B! Wow. Sometimes it amazes me how much my life has changed in the last year. How much I’ve accomplished in the last two years. Just wow.

I’m sitting here trying to remember everything that I did this week. I hung out with Jason Monday night. I think that’s the night that we ended up with a little party on our hands and drank 6 bottles of wine between 5 of us. Tons of fun. It was Vince, Me, The fiancee, Jason and Kris. It started out with just Jason and I making dinner together and being ungodly cute! lol Then Vince and Fiancee showed up and then Kris. We all sat around the kitchen table from 7ish to 11ish just talking. I love that I have a group of friends who can do that.

Tuesday was alright. I had this date with a latin guy, he gets here and asks for $10 for gas! WTF! Either way we hung out and watched this movie called The Orphanage it was in Spanish and it’s about this girl who was adopted from an orphanage, then goes back years later, buys the place and tries to open it as a place for handicap kids. It was VERY VERY good. I highly suggest the movie… NOT the date though!

Wed I went to this stupid backpacking clinic at REI. I mean it was nice if you had never been camping before, but I was expecting it to be a little bit more about actual BACKPACKING. Which I haven’t done in forever, so I was hoping to get a little refresher. I did not enjoy it. I think I went to bed pretty early that night.

Thursday I had my final checkup with the doctor for my ankle, so that was good. He said everything looks fine and to expect pain for the next 3-4 months when doing strenuous things. After that I went out with this guy Justin and we worked out. He’s uber buff, so I figured he’d be a great person to work out with. Which he was. A a little awk and very very flamy, but very buff and I was very sore the next day. I’ll probably keep trying to work out with him.

Friday I got home and went Kayaking with Kris up in Marina Del Ray, we had another great time up there and were out on the water for nearly 2.5 hours. Tons and tons of fun! We sat out in the ocean and watched the sunset again, words cannot describe. I wish I had a water proof camera. Got done with that, drove home, showered and then we went out to dinner at this mexican place. We drank a pitcher of margaritas, ate food and talked. Got done with that and went back to his place where we drank another pitcher of margaritas! 🙂 What a night!

Saturday I got up and Kris came over, we sat out on the porch, drank our breakfast and then decided what to do. Ended up driving to Malibu and going hiking at this place called Winding Way Such a pretty hike! After we were done with that we spent a few hours at the beach, drove home and got dinner. I came home after that and watched this movie called Valintine. It was a little slow, but I liked it overa all.

Sunday was the typical rock climbing. We did Devil’s Punch bowl again. We didn’t start the day out very good though. First my trailing rope got ALL fucked up and I had to undo that shit, then the lead climber got up to a belay station and all of a sudden we hear “clink…. clink….. clinkk…. clinkk…. thud” and then the guy yells out, “Can we use a figure 8!”. He had dropped the belay device! Which is essential! Thank god he found an extra one on his gear! It only took us 1.5 hours this time to climb up, then we rapped down and climbed back up a different route called “Slot machine”. I decided to be crazy and carry my gear up it! Tons and tons of fun! After that JoErick and I decided to race out of the bottom of the punchbowl. Oh my god, bad idea! about 20 pounds of gear, 110 degrees, and very steep trail up. My ankle is KILLING me right now.

We ate at Charlie Browns again. If you live anywhere in the SoCal Area. YOU MUST STOP HERE for food sometime. I HIGHLY suggest the Rodeo Sandwhich! It’s DELICIOUS! And for $6.95, you can’t fucking BEAT it!

I just got home and am going to just crash on the couch now. I may or may not have a date tonight. I haven’t decided if I will go or not. I’m very tired.

Pictures from the weekend are here.

Where have I been?

I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately.

Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I am very happy with the work that I did for him. Hopefully he is as well. I sent it to him on late Friday afternoon and have not heard back from him yet.

Other then that, I was riding every day during the week last week and trying to go to the gym after work as well. I paid for 5 hours worth of personal trainer time at the gym. I used one hour last week and we just spent the time talking about my goals and taking measurements and going over general eating health and what not. Tomorrow is my first real meeting with him to start working out. I am a little scared.

This weekend, I spent Friday night at home. Saturday I went out biking with Tal, we did a pretty fast 30 mile ride up to Malibu and back.. Basically this ride, only not as long:

We had a really fun time and chatted about a lot of random stuff. Towards the end we started talking about Constantine and Tal mentioned how they had sort of fallen apart a little and that Constantine wasn’t as “Deep” as he used to be… Which was a bit surprising when he said that because when I read Constatine’s blog (which he stopped writing in 2 years ago), it was very different sounding then the Const we know and love today and I was wondering what exactly the difference was. When Tal said that, it clicked… I brought it up with Const that night and he agreed very quickly. I’m hoping that maybe we can get to see that deep side of him again. I think we are going to start reading the same book. He’s got to pick one out first. 🙂

Anyways, I we got done riding around noon and I drove home, showered and then cleaned my apartment hard core. I’ve been a bit down since getting back from Houston, so I hadn’t done any cleaning since before I left. There were dishes everywhere and the trash was overflowing and the cats had made a messs. Anyways. I bleached everything and cleaned hard core. I also got a dining room table from the woman upstairs who was moving out. After that I just spent the night hanging out at home all alone. 🙁

I couldn’t sleep that night, so I was up till 1:30am, then I woke up again at 6:30. So I did a bunch of random stuff around the house and wrote a sale pitch type thing for my consulting to hopefully get some more business for that. Headed out to go couch shopping after that and found some that I really like, but I am not sure how my cats would do with micro-fiber on the couch. I am afraid they will get it to dirty and stuff. Also I don’t think I want to spent $800 right now on a couch. Went grocery shopping for stuff for tacos and ended up spending $150!!! Yikes!

I’ve basically decided that I am not yet ready for MBA yet. I just did not study enough for the GMAT so that I felt ready. Hopefully this summer I can study enough to do start in the spring?

Sunday night Const and I did a long video conf which was nice to get to see him again! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to come back here. He mentioned going to Russia this summer. I wish I could go with him. He said that maybe we can work something out where I could join him in Moscow for a week or something. But tickets for August are $1,400!!!

I did not sleep well again last night. But I had this really random dream about being in HS and going on a trip with the whole class, but we couldn’t get everyone on the same plane, so I pulled some strings at AA and they chartered us a whole flight. And we went to Peter Pan land. 🙂 Very random!

And that’s what’s up! I’ll try and update more!

Fires, Downtown, The Getty, Dinner Party! Oksana HERE!

Wow, what another crazy busy weekend!

So Friday I got off work a little early and wen out to my car…

Turned the key and my car sputtered a little bit, started and then died. I turned the key again and it chugged a bit and started, I start to pull out of my spot and then it died. But this time very strange, because the tach and gas gauge didn’t go down to 0 like normal. They just hung where they were! Very odd. Turn the key again and NOTHING. Not a sound or anything. So I start to freak out, call a few people, but no one answered. So I tried again, and it started, I pull out of my place and go about a mile to the gas station. Just as I’m pulling up to the pump it dies. I get gas, start it up again and head over to the nearest Auto parts store, ended up having to buy a new battery.

Got home and cleaned and what not then Constantine came over.

Saturday we got up and picked up Oksana from the airport. Headed up north and stopped at Nordstrom Rack and then Helen’s to buy me a new Ghisallo helmet.

From there we headed north to The Getty spent a few hours there and ran into Mok. From there we headed up Sunset Drive and then to Rodeo Drive and then off to Hollywood and Highland. The winds really started to pick up about that time.

Called Jason once we were done there and headed over to Steve’s house, walked down to Hamburger Mary’s and ate dinner then walked down to The Abbey. Drove home after that.

Sunday morning we got up and did a walk on the beach, everything was VERY hazy that morning, but we weren’t sure why. Drove down to San Pedro and it got even worse. Headed up to Chinatown and then Olvera street after that and ate lunch. Met up with Jason about 2:30 and went flying which is when we finally figured out there were fires all around LA! Malibu is on fire, Canyon country, Ontario, Irvine and San Diego. There’s fires EVERYWHERE and now this morning it’s very very smoky smelling here. Very scary. Check out the Flickr pics of the Malibu Fires.

Anyways, after the flying we went and had a dinner party at Jason’s then drove Oksana up to her hotel.

It was another AMAZING weekend!

Photos are here.

Code Monkey

Haha, Great video I found on AndyB’s site.

Wow what a weekend! Let’s see, so Friday I worked and then went down to Laguna to apartment search with Nick. We found some ok places, one really nice place in Dana Point, but I think that is just too far south! After that we went to Harbor House and had dinner then went and picked up Dustin from his “Private Client”.

We headed out to Irvine to see La Vie En Rose. Which is an amazing movie. Totally not the type of movie I would go and see on my own. But it was so sad and moving and what not. Great movie. I did _HATE_ the subtitles though! From there we headed to the Boom Boom and met up with Austin there. Thankfully no Joel this time, but lots of other cuties out. My bartender boyfriend was there, so I stared at him for a while. Austin of course made me dance, which was ridic.

[private]After the Boom I headed back to Austin’s place and we ended up getting high for the second time in my life. It was tons of fun. But soo bad. I always hate hanging out with him alone though because I always just want to grab him and make out with him and what not. Ugh. He’s so adorable! So I ended up spending the night there and we cuddled all night long.[/private]

I got home Saturday morning and did laundry and some other stuff and then ended up taking a nap pretty much all day. Sunday morning I got up and drove all the way to Santa Monica to go on a bike ride with Team 100. I got up there, got my bike out put it together and all that and then realized I forgot my shoes at home! UGH! How annoying. So I drove back home and ended up just going on a short 10 mile ride with Mok, we rode up to Manhattan Beach and ate breakfast, the whole ten miles took about 3 hours to do cause we wasted so much time at breakfast. On my way back some asshole totally took me out on the Beach path. I was riding along and he was going the opposite direction. Then all of a sudden he slams on his brakes and totally cuts me off. So I slammed him right in the side. Stupid people!

Got home from that, showered and hung out for about an hour and then headed to the Beach with Mok and these two guys he knows. That was a good time, ate dinner with them and then came home and took a nap till about 9ish. Went out with Nick and one of his friends in WeHo and we met up with some random guy from Malibu who was pretty hot, but he was 36!! Anyways, it was a lot of fun to go out and look at the boys up there again. 🙂

While I was waiting to head up there though I ended up watching about 10 minutes of like the “Hannity Hour” or something on Fox. I cannot believe that anyone listens to this idiot! What the hell is wrong with people that they would give this guy a fucking TV show? UGH!

Today I came into work at 10, as I’m covering the evening HD shift. We had our official meeting about the whole mess with the other office closing. Apparently they are taking this as good news for us. We’re taking on 6 of the displaced contractors from the client and then sub-contracting them back to the client. Seems strange to me, but whatever works! I guess we also have 2 years left of contracts that it appears they are not going to try and get out of, so that’s good. However the new contracts is that we have to cut 2 FTEs by the end of this calendar year. However we went over some of the new potential clients that are in the works, so hopefully if even a few of those pan out, we’ll actually end up hiring more people then losing the 2. So it’s all a wait and see game now to see what’s going to happen! JT did make fun of me and called me the “barefoot boy”. lol. We were talking about cleaning out my desk up in SM and he said, “Be sure to get your shoes.” haha. Thankfully I went in on Sunday and cleaned out my desk up there.