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  • Aids/Lifecycle Wrap up!

    What a week. Words cannot describe the emotions that come over a person during this week. We all laughed, we cried, we struggled, we were in pain. But we all made it through. Day Zero Cow Palace, San Fransisco Total Miles Traveled: 0 (0%) Miles to go: 556.8 (100%) Day Zero was a great day. […]

  • 3:30 is too early!

    Lets start out with some fun links! Musicovery. I’ve posted a few sites like this before, but this one is really cool and I’d have to say probably my favorite so far. You select your mood and it gives you songs! 🙂 I saw a rating system for iTunes the other day that did something […]

  • AIDS is NOT a Gay Disease!

    Wow, what a busy busy weekend! So Friday I worked in Newport, got my new bike, went out to dinner with Robert at H Marys. So that was fun to be back there, got home late that night and went to bed. Saturday I got up early and drove up to Pacific Palisades and did […]

  • It’s so fucking HOT!!!

    OMG, it’s fucking HOT here… It hit 128 in some places in the LA valley, shattered a record and hit 88 in my area. And I have no A/C! 🙁 It’s HORRIBLE when you’re laying in bed naked and sweating to death! This has been a busy weekend for me. Lets, see…. Friday was work, […]

  • Home DeSHIT!

    So last night I started building my Patrol Box. So I went to Home Depot to buy some wood. Of course, I’m a homo, so I don’t really know what wood to get.. My dad always just goes and buys the wood and I build stuff. So I walk in there and start looking around, […]