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AIDS is NOT a Gay Disease!

Wow, what a busy busy weekend!

So Friday I worked in Newport, got my new bike, went out to dinner with Robert at H Marys. So that was fun to be back there, got home late that night and went to bed.

Saturday I got up early and drove up to Pacific Palisades and did the Getty Villa, by myself.. Thanks Andrew. It was still nice, but could have been better. After that I drove around Malibu for a bit and then headed home. Went out on a bike ride that afternoon and went the uphill way. That was painful. But it was very nice. I got a few pics from the bluffs up there, such a pretty area. I wish I could own a house up there!

Got home after that and I was dead tired, so I laid down and watched Latter Days, which if you haven’t seen this movie, you MUST go watch it. I’d have to say it’s one of the best done gay movied out there. Specially for the small budget and short filming time they had (I think they said like 30 days or something?). Went to bed after that.

Sunday I got up early again, went out on a bike ride and then hit up the gym. Go ME! 🙂 I’m still no where near what I was when I was in college, but I’m at least lifting more then when I started a few weeks ago. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be able to bench 100 pounds! woot! God, I’m so weak! 🙁

After that I went and got lunch, then picked up Jason and we went and explored the Dominator Shipwreck in Palos Verdes. Which happened back in the 60’s. It was REALLY cool. Check out the pics from the linked page, you can see how HUGE this thing was, and then go look at the pics from this weekend, it’s amazing how much it’s deteriorated. It’s just amazing, and it’s only 2 miles from my house!!! It was a bit of a trip to get down there though, the trail down was pretty much STRAIGHT down, and then we took a different trail up, again, pretty must STRAIGHT up and on very close edges. We also had to walk through this really HORRIBLE HORRIBLE smelling area, not sure WHAT caused it, but OMG it was GROSS! There were some cute little BBQ pits down there too. (Not sure WHERE they came from though!)

After that we went out to dinner and got pizza, which I’ve been CRAVING forever. Sooo good. I came home, talked to my neighbor, who is SO CUTE. If only I were straight! And then watched Zoolander. Jay always RANTED and RAVED about this movie.. It was funny, but I don’t think I could watch it more then once.

Pics from this weekend are here.

Pics from Abalone Cove and Eaton Canyon (Which was a month ago, but I never posted pics) are located here.

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center has started a new campain… “Own it. End it”. In which they say that AIDS is a gay disease. UGH! No DON’T say that! Then you are only playing into these damn right wing assholes. It’s a bit annoying.

Ok. I’m outta here. I have a LOT of work to do!

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