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To Buy. Or not!

That is the question here…

I was pefectly happy with my bike, granted I have been _wanting_ a new bike. But I was happy with the one I had. Then Jason went and put this idea in my head, “Lets do LifeCycle“. Great! Sounds like tons of fun.

I kept up wanting to do it, but didn’t put much energy into the whole shopping for a new bike thing. But then he started going at it hard core, new bike this, new bike that. “I think I’m getting this one.” Blah blah blah. So I figred I had better get my ass in gear and get a new bike as well.

Well now, I have a bike I really like/want. But I’m just not comfortable dropping this much cash on it if he’s not going to get one as well. Also, I’m not sure I want to get it if we’re not going to do the lifecycle. I just don’t know. I can’t decide.

I look at it and think, “Oh it’s a great deal” but then I second guess myself and say, “But it’s so much money”. It really isn’t though! I save more then this every month. Ugh. I just need to dive in or get out. It’d be easier to dive in though if I knew for sure that my partner to dive in with was actually going to jump as well and not just stop at the edge and say, “I changed my mind” or something.

It’s all very frustrating!

This week has been very frustrating. I’ve been on a short string to explode with everyone. I haven’t been sleeping well (this seems to happen every year about this time, no?), and my tounge is VERY sore for some reason. So much so that it hurts to eat even soft foods like bread, or to talk or anything.

This weekend I have stuff to do, but no one to do it with. Getting up early tomorrow to head out hiking/exploring. Sunday I have RSVPed for the first area LifeCycle Training ride. Perhaps I will meet someone cool there. Doubtful though, if I even go. We all know how I chicken out when having to go to large group functions.

I hate it.

Well my batery is nearly dead. I think I am going to head to the bike shope and check it out. Laters.

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If you really want to do it, then do it. Both the ride and the bike. If the other guy backs out, then continue the plan of going. You’ll go, meet new people, have fun, and do something worthwhile. Fuck the other guy if he can’t be a decent person and follow through with plans.

Alas.. I have no idea what most of that information means. My bike is the same one my mother gave me for my 12th birthday. So.. 1994? It’s a 21 speed Schwinn Sidewinder mountain bike. I’ve had the tires/wheels replaced a couple times and I just bought a new seat for it this summer. I’ve gone through half a doz chains and a couple sets of breaks. It has quick release wheel locks and one on the seat base as well. I hope to never get rid of it due to the sentimental value mostly. And it’s purple with black speckles on it (and thus looks really cool!). But anyway… Yea for new stuff!

Hahah. My old bike is a Schwinn Clear Creek from the Mid-90’s. It’s a nice bike, but you since it’s a mountian bike you just can’t get the distance or the speed you can on the road bikes… I won’t be getting rid of it though. It’ll be kept around for those days I want to go Mountian biking! yaya!

Nice bike. Good for you. If your friend can’t commit and follow through, screw him and do it on your own. No doubt you will meet others and mayb make some new friends. I used to ride a Bianchi and really enjoyed it. Wish I could still ride.

Thanks.. I just got back from a 16 mile ride and it was SWEET. Such a nice bike! I really love it, and I’m glad I got it over the Felt F75….

I really want to do this LifeCycle ride. And I’m sure I’ll meet tons of cool new people. My fear though is the whole initial getting to do things. I hate it… I just can’t do it.

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