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Lately I’ve been bidding on a lot of Ebay Items… Bikes mostly since we’ve been in the market for those.. From different sellers. Now I’m not really sure what’s going on here though! First, I’ll bid, I usually wait till like the 8 hours to even start bidding on something. However in nearly ALL the auctions that I’ve been bidding on EVERY bid will be cancelled by the seller in like the last 5 hours or so. I’ll re-bid. Cancelled again! WTF is going on here?

I took the time to e-mail E-Bay, standard FAQ response. I e-mailed one of the sellers. Claims he was hacked? Is this happening to ALL these people? How can they all be getting hacked. It always has the same withdraw reason too “Wrong bid”… Then usually after the auction ends I get a 2nd chance notice… I always go directly to and then find the auction and then e-mail the seller via that form. The seller always replies back saying they didn’t say it. WTF is going on here?

Is Ebay really that bad of a place that so many people are being scammed? What happens with these apparently fake 2nd chance offers? If someone follows through are they then scammed out of money or what?

One of them that it happened to was a car that I put an 18k bid in on. It was a car worth well over 30k so I knew I wouldn’t get it. But sure enough a day later I get a 2nd chance offer for the car at the bid price I put in. I called the dealership directly (they had the number up on the auction and I verified with google phonebook). Thier reply, “We relisted the item and did not send out any 2nd chance offers”.

In other news, I found a bike I really like, but it’s 1,200. Once you add in tax and all the accessories it’s going to be about 1,500. I’m realy not sure I want to spend that much at all. Though he is giving me a $300 discount on the bike itself! It’s just that if I get it, I had better do a lot of riding and I fear that this LifeCycle thing won’t come through, as much as I’d really like to do it, everyone knows that I don’t do things like that unless I am going with someone I already know. There’s the first training ride for it this Sunday at 8am. Perhaps I should go to it.

I’m also really concerned about Germany. Plans are still moving along, but things just keep coming up for the other two people who might be going. One of them has work commitments and needs all this approval crap, and the other needs to build up enough time off. I’m just not sure how we can pull this off. But again, everyone knows I freak out about the pre-planning on things. I just need to get them both together at the same time, sit down and figure out what’s going to happen! Cause damnit. I WANT TO GO!

Today on There was this cool thing about wallets I want the last one that is $340 It’s so pretty and would match my powerbook amazingly. But I also found this one called The Jimi, it’s so cute.

I was supposed to have a meetng today with someone to take over this guys website, but the current weblord hasn’t been around all day. I’m a bit nervous because I’m supposed to do the first update tomorrow and have ZERO information as to what I need to do!!!

And lastly, I saw Woz on The Daily Show (i think?) the other day and he showed his Business card. Now that is ONE cool card!


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