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Home DeSHIT!

So last night I started building my Patrol Box. So I went to Home Depot to buy some wood. Of course, I’m a homo, so I don’t really know what wood to get.. My dad always just goes and buys the wood and I build stuff. So I walk in there and start looking around, and I think I find some that will work for what I need, but I just want to double check with someone. So I walk up to the counter in the wood area and ask the guy standing there, “Excuse me, I just have a quick question”

To which he replys, “I’m off” and then walked away. Excuse me bitch! You are STANDING BEHIND THE COUNTER, it’s a quarter to 5, and you are wearing your fucking HD apron. YOU ARE STILL WORKING, you know they don’t have people get off at a quarter to the hour. And even if he really was OFF, or even if he was GETTING off at 5, he could have at least said, “I’ll go find you someone who can help you” Jackass. So I left.

Strange thing, everytime I go to fucking HD or Lowes, my dad always calls me… Very random! I tried asking him if it was the right stuff, but the discription on the thing wasn’t good enough for him to decide for sure.

I went to Lowes then and there was a very nice lady there who said she had no clue either and that she’d find someone who would help, And sure enough she did! So I got my lumber and started cutting it all last night. I have it half done. 😀 Then I’m going to prime it and put it together.

Work yesterday was ok. I’m finishing up all my annoying projects on the SA team before I get too engrossed in the CliOps stuff to get it done. So it was spent with lots of comparing things and updating data and stuff like that.

BTW, I was offered a private office with this promotion, but I’m not sure if I want to take it or not. I’d like the idea of not being stuck in the bull pin anymore, and having the added privacy when talking with clients on the phone. But at the same time, I don’t want to loose the socialness of the cubes. I thikn I’ll just wait and see how things go.

Blake is coming down today to hang out. That’s exciting. We’re going to go and pick out new glasses for me. 🙂

I had my appointment yesterday to get a new priscription. And the lady who did the first half was such a bitch. Like they do this field of vision test and she hands me this thing and is like, “Click this whenever you see one of these boxes.” So they start showing up and I start clicking and then after I do it like 5 times she’s like, “Oh, it’s just warming up, you don’t have to do it now”. The actual doctor lady was really nice and cool. But then I went to pay and since I’m an FB member I’m supposed to get 20% off on the exam, lenses, contacts, and frames. So I go to pay and hand them my FB card and they are like, “This only covers Contacts”. So I try and call the FB HD, but since it was a holiday they were closed. So I have to call them today to figure out what the fuck is up. I’ll be pissed if it really does only cover contacts!

Camping this weekend is still yet undecided as to where to go. I’m thinking Malibu Creek SP or Cuyamaca Rancho SP. I really wanted to hit up Catalina or Channel Islands, but Catalina will cost too much and Channel islands are a little more then what I want to take on right now, since you have to pack EVERYTHING into them.

I think that’s everything I have to talk about, adios!

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Home Depot here in Waterloo I think the people who work there are all snooty too. Everytime I have been there looking at something I was thinking about buying there is no one around and when I started walking towards someone they disappear.

It is amazing they stay in business.

I think you should take the private office.

Yeah, My dad HATES home depot too.. He always goes to Menards. I really don’t see how they stay in business. Probably because they have a corner on the suburban and urban business. Whatever, I’m not going to shop there anymore, I’ll be driving the few extra miles to Lowes from now on.

I think I might take the private office, but we will see how things go. The office they are looking at giving me is so far away from everyone else, it’s just off in no-where’s ville.

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