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Boy U!

So… Busy weekend it has been for me.

So Saturday I spent the morning doing laundry and running all those errands, I still didn’t get EVERYTHING that I wanted too, but ended up spending like $200. Blah. Damn needing to buy things!

Came home and cleaned up and that was like 4ish or so. Started talking to Austin and he kept flip-flopping on if he wanted to hang out or not. Looked like we weren’t, so I had a drink and just relaxed at home. About 8ish he decided that he wanted to hang out so he came over. He got a little drunk and I had some drinks and he ended up spending the night cause he couldn’t drive home.

Got up Sunday morning and I made him breakfast then he left cause Robert was coming over for a bike ride. He got there about 9:30 and we headed out to Top of the World. Got there and rode our bikes back up to my house. Total about 10 pretty easy miles really. The downhill was killed though because it was so rough! Drove him back to his car and then I came home and layed around the house for the rest of the day. Fell a sleepin in there somewhere and woke up about 7:30 or something.

Started talking to Austin and he wanted to go to Lucky’s (Aka Boy U). I was reluctant at first but decided it’d be fun to go. So he came over to my house about nine and we sat around and talked till Robert got there. Then we all headed out. I was DD. We got there and stood around the bar. Robert bought the first round of drikns which was nice of him. I had a Martini. 🙂 (This was at like 10pm, so there was plenty of time for it to get out of my system before driving home). Anyways, Felix joined us later and we all had a really good time. Robert apparetnly interrogated Austin about how he feels about me and what it is he wants out of me. Just as I suspsected he likes me a lot, but doesn’t want to commit to anyone.

I also went out dancing with Austin a little bit, which is a BIG thing for me considering Ive only ever danced before at Pride in DM one year with Andrew… That’s because we were at the Garden and the place was so PACKED watching the Drag show that you couldn’t help but dance. But I had a good time. I made him dance with Robert and Filx as well because I didn’t want to keep going out there as much as he did.

We left about 1ish and came home. Robert crashed on my couch and Austin in my bed.

I woke them both up at about 6:30 this morning and then dressed and came into work.

It looks like Austin WILL be coming camping with me this next weekend, which is exciting for me. I just have to decide where we’re going now. lol.

So that’s been my weekend. Adios all!

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