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Austin.. Like?


So I’ll have to admit, I’m really starting to like Austin.

We just have so much in common. Way more then Blake and I, Austin and I are even in the same field. Which is nice. It’s so funny because whenever we talk about going out somewhere, we always order the same thing. We keep wanting to do the same things, IE, I say I want to go somewhere or do something and he’s the same way!

Last night hanging out with him for so long was just so much fun. Cuddling with him all night, holding him while he slept. It was so nice and so cute.

Tonight however, he seems to be off on something, I’m not too sure what. He just is depressed I think. I was really looking forward to hanging out with him. He kept saying, “oh lets do this” and then he’d come up with something else he had to do to not hang out. So now it looks like we aren’t hanging out tonight. I’m really kinda annoyed by this. As he won’t be around for a while now, cause he’s leaving on Monday and he doesn’t know when he’s coming back.

I also was really hoping that we could hang out tonight because I wanted to ask him to come camping with me next weekend. Now i’ll have to find some other time to do it. Hmm.

I dunno what to do about him, between blake and him, he’s obviously the better choice, but if he takes the job in DC he’ll be moving. So it won’t be a very good thing. Plus I don’t want to hurt Blake and cause him to do something stupid.

I just don’t know what to do. 🙁

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