Good Day!

Wow, so yesterday was just such a great day for me…

So I got the good news, Work was crazy, so much stuff going on. Meetings back to back pretty much. I already had lots of meetings planned, however with the news that added 4 total meetings throughout the day. And one of the meetings, I was asked to go make a major programming change WHILE THEY WAITED, which just added so much more stress, thankfully I completed it in half the time they gave me! Then we had to bounce a server that is hosted up in SM, and when we did it didn’t come back up! So everything went to hell then. When I left they were still trying to find someone that had the right sort of cable to connect to the box and get it started back up. Blah.

Austin came over right after work, as he was already in the area doing an interview with a guy I set him up with. He said that it went well, but that he hated the guy. Which is funny because it’s true, the guy is nice, but he got on my nerves during the interview too. He says he might just take this job in DC if he gets the offer. That’d be sad to havea him leave since I’ve finially made a friend that seems worth keeping!

So he came over, we hung out here and talked about that for like an hour or two. Then we went out and got dinner, it’s really funny because we both seem to always order the same thing. We have a lot of strange things in common. I’m going to invite him camping next weekend. Dinner was good, then we went and rented some movies.. It was hard to pick some out because he has them all on xvid and stuff so we didn’t want to get one that he had, but we also didn’t want to drive back down to his place to get them all. Ended up gettind Duece Big, European one.. And then some scary movie. We watched that one first and it was more funny then scary, the point. Then we went hot tubbing and swimming which was fun! Everyone knows how much I love hot tubbing.

Came back here and we both changed back to our normal clothes then watched the Will & Grace from last night which was pretty funny. I like live tv, they should do more of them like that. lol. Then we cuddled and watched the other movie.. He fell asleep in my arms which was cute. So I woke him up and made him go home, which was about 11:00.

I think this is good, we both aren’t really looking for boyfriends, and we both have lots in common, so I see good things for this friendship. He has however grabbed my ass jokingly some. And I his, it’s very nice and firm. lol. It’ll suck though if he does move out to DC.

So, randomly Myke (we all remeber him right?) IMed me the other night as well. Very random, being the same fucking Myke, takes forever to respond, etc. What a wierdo.

AND lastly (on the topic of frineds), Andrew and I are apparently not friends anymore. He’s officially deleted me from his LJ friends list. Whatever jackass.

Today I have lots to do. I’m doing laundry now, then my bathroom needs a good scrubbing. Then I’ve got to go out shopping, I need the following:

Remainder of camping gear (Dutch oven, Cooler, etc).

New Glasses.

Fabric for pillows and pillow inserts.


Incense (Which I can only find in one place in SJC).

Bike shopping.

Adios all.

3 thoughts on “Good Day!”

  1. Hey its austin … i’m sitting right next to you.

    And oh helllsssssssssssssssss no…. to inform you, my dvd collection is NOT xvid, it is 100 PERCENT the highest DVD quality!!!!!!!!!!! I never! My DVD’s are fabulous and of the utmost perfection,

    peace! thanks for the ass comment. 😉 i had fun too zzzz. i like your cats. the white more than the black one.

    peace out thanks for the drinks!!

  2. This Austin sounds like a keeper!! Hopefully things will work out for him to stay and work in the area so the two of you can hang together.

    Hey, with that little pay raise use to buy you’re left over camping needs. Just an idea……..later.

  3. Austy: I’m sorry, I didn’t know what you kept it in! I just took a guess to make life simple. But your DVDs are fabulous. just like you. haha.

    Tom: Yeah, lets hope he does stick around. He could be good. Who knows though.

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