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Austin… Again!

So, yesterday after I took austin to the airport he started calling me honey and stuff…

1:08:40 PM blackc2004: lol, you look like a terrorist.

1:09:08 PM miklaustin: oh i dont

1:09:14 PM miklaustin: thank you for taking me honey

1:09:19 PM miklaustin: ur so nice

1:09:23 PM blackc2004: lol, no problem.. it’s my pleasure.

1:14:46 PM miklaustin: thanks

1:14:49 PM miklaustin: i’ll call you when i get there hun

1:14:53 PM blackc2004: adios.. ok.

And then he sent me this message on myspace:

I thought i’d write you one so you have one to look forward to.

Is it weird that i miss being close to you after 2 weeks of knowing eachother?

I’m really glad we met and I think you’re fantastic.


So yay! I’m not sure what’s going on there!

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