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Seasons Of Love (Remixed!)

So yesterday was a pretty interesting day. I had this crazy meeting with MH to discuss a statistics package for our DataMarts. It got very confusing there towards then end, because as I’ve said before, when he gets excited, I can’t understand a thing he says! lol. I feel like the Inn Owner in Gilmore Girls when she comes to visit and can never understand Michael.

After work I went out and bought MTM Season 3, and some other small things that I needed then went home and finished cutting up the Patrol Box and put the first coat of paint on it. I hope it turns out ok! 😀 Tonight is the second coat of paint and then tomorrow I shall assemble it!

Once I was done with that I went and showered and then started cooking dinner for Blake and I. He got there right about 6pm and we ate and then went out to look for glasses, which was a complete waste of time. Came back to my house and laid on the couch and watched the Laramie Project. He left shortly after 9. It was really good to see him again. I guess he’s going to be down next week as well!

Austin called shortly after Blake left, the interview went really well he said and he thinks he might get the job. Which would be good for him, but sad because then he’d be moving to DC. 🙁 Tis life, everyone runs from me! lol.

Last night while Blake and I were driving to the mall, I heard a remixed version of “Season’s Of Love”. So I looked it up this morning on iTunes and sure enough they have it! But sadly you have to buy the whole Album to get it. 🙁 I really don’t want the whole album as I already have all the other damn songs! :'(

So yep, adios!

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