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Going Crazy!

I’m going F’ing crazy right now…

So much on my mind between the camping and work and boys and everything else! OMG.

So here’s my camping gear list so far:

Friday Dinner: Hot Dogs

– Hot Dogs

– Buns

– Ketchup (HAVE)

– Mustard (HAVE)

Friday Desert: Smores

– Marshmallows

– Graham Crackers

– Chocolate Bars

Saturday Breakfast: Busquits and Gravy

– Busquit dough

– Milk

– Sausage

– Flour (HAVE)

Saturday Lunch: Deli Sandwiches

– Bread (HAVE)

– Deli Meat

– Cheese (HAVE)

– Mustard (HAVE)

– Miricle Whip

– Lettuce

Saturday Dinner: Steak

– Steaks

– Potatos (HAVE)

– Sour Cream

– Butter (HAVE)

Saturday Desert: Apple Cobbler

– Apple Canned Fruit

– Cake Mix (Including stuff to make)

– Veg Oil (HAVE)

Sunday Breakfast: Pancakes

– Pancake Batter (HAVE)

– Syrup

– Milk

– Bacon


– Milk

– Salk & Pepper (HAVE)

– OJ

– Soda

– Dish Soap

– Hand Soap

– Coffee

– Hot Chocolate


– Tongs (HAVE)

– Smore Cooker Things (HAVE)

– Spatchula (HAVE)

– Whisk (HAVE)

– Dish Tub

– Aluminum Foil

– Paper Towls

– TP

– Wash Cloth / Sponge (HAVE)

– Dish Towel (HAVE)

– Fire Wood

– Screws (3/4″)

– Rope (2) 2′ Sections

– Paper Towel Holder

– Knife / Untesil Holder

– Hooks

– Latches

– Mixing Bowls

I just don’t want to miss anything! And I feel like I’m forgetting something. I’ve got the Patrol box tacked together, but I found the drill my dad gave me doesn’t work, so I have to go buy one tomorrow to put the rest of the way together. Either way it’s looking really nice. Somehow though the shelves are an inch too short, so I’m going to have to improvise for those. Oh well, all is still good.

Today I had a conf call with GT and SS, I got VERY VERY pissed off during it.. I’ve been working on this project for MONTHS for GT, put in TONS of overtime for him and pushed back other higher priority projects to work on this damn thing for him. I’m like 90% of the way done with it, and this conference call was to hand the project over to SS, because apparently he’s got 2 weeks of FULL TIME work that he can do it. Which means that once he’s back off of it full time, it’s going to go shoved back onto me…

OK, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all.. except for the fact that GT told him to pretty much RE-WRITE EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE IN WHATEVER LANGUAGE HE WANTS TO DO IT IN!!! Which knowing SS is either going to be JAVA or COLDFUSION! Ok, does anyone see the problem yet? A) I’ve spent TONS of time writing this in PHP so that it can easily be picked up by ANYONE. B) I’ve spent tons of time writing this in PHP so that it’s not tied to a specific system or proprietary server (IE, coldfusion which costs TONS of money to maintain). C) He’s going to be basically REDOING all my work in one of two languages that I know VERY LITTLE about, and once it gets passed back to me, I will be expected to maintain, thus taking EVEN MORE OF MY TIME because I will have to learn those languages.

It all just pisses me off so fucking much. It wouldn’t be a big fucking deal if he just said, “OK, hand him your code and he’ll complete what you did” Gah!

Other then that, I worked on the project I talked about earlier, with reporting datamarts. I have to say it came out very spify! I used something called jpgraph, and it looks damn good. Tomorrow I’m going to redo the graphs to be more pretty, but at least it’s working and that’s what matters. 🙂

Austin today told me that he missed me, and that was so cute! I honestly do miss hanging out with him as well and I’m really looking forward to going camping with him this weekend. Not to be mean or anything, I’m kinda hoping that he doesn’t get this job in DC so that we can become better friends, but if he does, I’ll still be happy for him.

I must atract Bakersfield boys though, because today another person from Bakersfield who just moved to the area messaged me on myspace! So random. He’s already got a bf, but he sounds like he would be a cool guy to hang out with. We’ve scheduled some time for next week, but I dunno when that will be. Robert and his boy want to take me out to dinner on Monday for my birthday, Blake is comig on Tuesday, so that leaves sometime after that. And I’m sure Austin will want to hang out in there too!

I’m becoming such a busy boy lately! 😀

Beak sent me the first gedcom file today for our family tree site, everyone go check it out. And since we’re on the topic of Bakersfield, I’ve actually got family there! (Well, people who appear to be direct relatives are dead, but I’m sure they have children, etc who would still live there)

She sent me this tid-bit of information as well: We’re related to half the population of Lenox-don’t date there man-you’d be swimming in your own gene pool. Another interesting thing-apparently when Granny was younger she was in love with on the her Julian cousins-like 3rd or 4th cousin. (the Julian/Juliens are related to use through Granny’s mother Ida). Anyway her parents wouldn’t let them get married because of them being 3rd of 4th cousins so they eventually went on and married other people. Before Granny died though she asked Deb to put a picture of this Julien kid and his obituary in her casket with her.

I think that’s so sad and sweet that she asked for that picture to be put in her coffin with her…

I just got accepted to Google Adsense, so I’m going to add a small Ad to my site to maybe help pay for it. 😀

Well that’s all, I’m going to try and go sleep.

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