My Life

Where have I been?

I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately.

Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I am very happy with the work that I did for him. Hopefully he is as well. I sent it to him on late Friday afternoon and have not heard back from him yet.

Other then that, I was riding every day during the week last week and trying to go to the gym after work as well. I paid for 5 hours worth of personal trainer time at the gym. I used one hour last week and we just spent the time talking about my goals and taking measurements and going over general eating health and what not. Tomorrow is my first real meeting with him to start working out. I am a little scared.

This weekend, I spent Friday night at home. Saturday I went out biking with Tal, we did a pretty fast 30 mile ride up to Malibu and back.. Basically this ride, only not as long:

We had a really fun time and chatted about a lot of random stuff. Towards the end we started talking about Constantine and Tal mentioned how they had sort of fallen apart a little and that Constantine wasn’t as “Deep” as he used to be… Which was a bit surprising when he said that because when I read Constatine’s blog (which he stopped writing in 2 years ago), it was very different sounding then the Const we know and love today and I was wondering what exactly the difference was. When Tal said that, it clicked… I brought it up with Const that night and he agreed very quickly. I’m hoping that maybe we can get to see that deep side of him again. I think we are going to start reading the same book. He’s got to pick one out first. 🙂

Anyways, I we got done riding around noon and I drove home, showered and then cleaned my apartment hard core. I’ve been a bit down since getting back from Houston, so I hadn’t done any cleaning since before I left. There were dishes everywhere and the trash was overflowing and the cats had made a messs. Anyways. I bleached everything and cleaned hard core. I also got a dining room table from the woman upstairs who was moving out. After that I just spent the night hanging out at home all alone. 🙁

I couldn’t sleep that night, so I was up till 1:30am, then I woke up again at 6:30. So I did a bunch of random stuff around the house and wrote a sale pitch type thing for my consulting to hopefully get some more business for that. Headed out to go couch shopping after that and found some that I really like, but I am not sure how my cats would do with micro-fiber on the couch. I am afraid they will get it to dirty and stuff. Also I don’t think I want to spent $800 right now on a couch. Went grocery shopping for stuff for tacos and ended up spending $150!!! Yikes!

I’ve basically decided that I am not yet ready for MBA yet. I just did not study enough for the GMAT so that I felt ready. Hopefully this summer I can study enough to do start in the spring?

Sunday night Const and I did a long video conf which was nice to get to see him again! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to come back here. He mentioned going to Russia this summer. I wish I could go with him. He said that maybe we can work something out where I could join him in Moscow for a week or something. But tickets for August are $1,400!!!

I did not sleep well again last night. But I had this really random dream about being in HS and going on a trip with the whole class, but we couldn’t get everyone on the same plane, so I pulled some strings at AA and they chartered us a whole flight. And we went to Peter Pan land. 🙂 Very random!

And that’s what’s up! I’ll try and update more!

My Life

Hosts File for 3\/3|2Y0|\|3!

# This hosts file is brought to you by Dan Pollock and can be found at
# You are free to copy and distribute this file, as long the original URL
# is included. See below for acknowledgements.

# Please forward any additions, corrections or comments by email to

# Last updated: Apr 28th, 2004

# Use this file to avoid having to avoid having to look at banner ads and
# their ilk. A better solution will hopefully be posted soon, as use of
# this method will result in a bunch of “Page not found” errors.
# (Which I find far less offensive than banners and pop-ups)

# For Windows 9x and ME place this file at “C:\Windows\hosts”
# For NT, Win2K and XP use “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”
# or “C:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”
# For Linux or Unix place this file at “/etc/hosts”
# For OS/2 copy the file to “%ETC%\HOSTS” and in the CONFIG.SYS file,
# ensure that the line “SET USE_HOSTS_FIRST=1” is included.
# For BeOS place it at /boot/beos/etc/hosts
# On a Netware system, the location is System\etc\hosts
# For Macintosh (pre OS X) place it in the Mac System Folder or Preferences
# folder. (something like Macintosh HD:System Folder:Preferences:Hosts)
# ——————
# | As well, note that the format is different on old macs, so
# | please visit for mac format
# ——————

# If there is a domain name you would rather never see, simply add a line
# that reads “ machine.domain.tld”. This will have the effect of
# redirecting any requests to that host to your own computer. For example
# this will prevent your browser from downloading banner ads, or sending
# your information back to a company. localhost localhost.localdomain

# For example, to block unpleasant pages, try:
# These seem to have been self-censored

# Or, to get around the need to log in to, you can point
# to the IP address for This also
# has the nice side effect of getting rid of banner ads. The third
# line is added so that you can still access the front page.

# It seems that this hole has been closed once again. I’ll update again
# if I find another workaraound.

# As well by specifying the ipaddress of a server, you can gain access
# to some of your favourite sites with a single letter, instead of
# using the whole domain name
# It is perhaps a better solution to use Favourites/Bookmarks instead. i # s # g #

# Uncomment this to block the Netscape news service from pushing news
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# Spyware and user tracking
# By enterring domains here, it will prevent certain companies from
# gathering information on your surfing habits. These servers do not
# necessarily serve ads, instead some are used by certain products to
# “phone home”. Others use web cookies to gather statistics on surfing
# habits. Among other uses, this is a common tactic by spammers, to
# let them know that you have read your mail.
# Uncomment (remove the #) the lines that you wish to block, as some
# may provide you with services you like.

# # Microsoft uses this server to redirect
# mistyped URLs to search engines. They
# log all such errors. Verisign has joined the game of trying to hijack mistyped
# URLs to their site.

# are reports that this may mess
#up CSS on livejournal
# This has been know cause
# problems with # Web bugs in spam # Used by Ziff Davis to serve
# ads and track users across
# the family of sites by a spyware product called PurityScan “spam bugs” # Visits to # Many sites including “spam bugs” # “spam bugs” “spam bugs” Santa Monica – popunders among others web bugs web bugs web bugs web bugs web bugs # Visits to web bugs # In spam by a spyware product called PurityScan web bugs in spam installs IE extension # web bugs in spam

# doubleclick

# Red Sheriff and — server side tracking

# — server side tracking

# ads
# #This may cause problems with
# may cause problems with
# may cause problems with Star #TOP500 SuperComputer Site adtracking.vinden.nlfrm # Scientific American # Microsoft # Canadian Weather Network # # exclusive banner network (Russian)

# yahoo banner ads
# this to block yahoo images

# popup traps — sites that bounce you around or won’t let you leave

# Acknowledgements
# I’d like to thank the following people for submitting sites, helping
# to promote my site and for helping me test out Hostassist.

# Bill Allison, Harj Basi, Lance Russhing, Marshall Drew-Brook,
# Leigh Brasington, Scott Terbush, Cary Newfeldt, Kaye, Jeff
# Scrivener, Mark Hudson, Matt Bells, T. Kim Nguyen, Lino Demasi,
# Marcelo Volmaro, Troy Martin, Donald Kerns, B.Patten-Walsh,
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# Mike Anttila, Id Kong, Aravind Krishnaswamy, Adam Nevraumont,
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# Noneymous, Yasin Abbas, Eric Gold, Frank Perk, Vili K,
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# Rupert Wever, Neu, Nick Brooke, Herman Frederick Ebeling Jr., Noel,
# Bob Gidden, Vincent Luce, Andrew Van Tassel, Tony Alvarado,
# Mace Boulder, and Tom Rightmer for participating in the beta test
# program for Hostassist
# Russell O’Connor for OS/2 information
# John Mueller for Mac Pre-OSX information