My Life

Where have I been?

I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately.

Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I am very happy with the work that I did for him. Hopefully he is as well. I sent it to him on late Friday afternoon and have not heard back from him yet.

Other then that, I was riding every day during the week last week and trying to go to the gym after work as well. I paid for 5 hours worth of personal trainer time at the gym. I used one hour last week and we just spent the time talking about my goals and taking measurements and going over general eating health and what not. Tomorrow is my first real meeting with him to start working out. I am a little scared.

This weekend, I spent Friday night at home. Saturday I went out biking with Tal, we did a pretty fast 30 mile ride up to Malibu and back.. Basically this ride, only not as long:

We had a really fun time and chatted about a lot of random stuff. Towards the end we started talking about Constantine and Tal mentioned how they had sort of fallen apart a little and that Constantine wasn’t as “Deep” as he used to be… Which was a bit surprising when he said that because when I read Constatine’s blog (which he stopped writing in 2 years ago), it was very different sounding then the Const we know and love today and I was wondering what exactly the difference was. When Tal said that, it clicked… I brought it up with Const that night and he agreed very quickly. I’m hoping that maybe we can get to see that deep side of him again. I think we are going to start reading the same book. He’s got to pick one out first. 🙂

Anyways, I we got done riding around noon and I drove home, showered and then cleaned my apartment hard core. I’ve been a bit down since getting back from Houston, so I hadn’t done any cleaning since before I left. There were dishes everywhere and the trash was overflowing and the cats had made a messs. Anyways. I bleached everything and cleaned hard core. I also got a dining room table from the woman upstairs who was moving out. After that I just spent the night hanging out at home all alone. 🙁

I couldn’t sleep that night, so I was up till 1:30am, then I woke up again at 6:30. So I did a bunch of random stuff around the house and wrote a sale pitch type thing for my consulting to hopefully get some more business for that. Headed out to go couch shopping after that and found some that I really like, but I am not sure how my cats would do with micro-fiber on the couch. I am afraid they will get it to dirty and stuff. Also I don’t think I want to spent $800 right now on a couch. Went grocery shopping for stuff for tacos and ended up spending $150!!! Yikes!

I’ve basically decided that I am not yet ready for MBA yet. I just did not study enough for the GMAT so that I felt ready. Hopefully this summer I can study enough to do start in the spring?

Sunday night Const and I did a long video conf which was nice to get to see him again! 🙂 Can’t wait for him to come back here. He mentioned going to Russia this summer. I wish I could go with him. He said that maybe we can work something out where I could join him in Moscow for a week or something. But tickets for August are $1,400!!!

I did not sleep well again last night. But I had this really random dream about being in HS and going on a trip with the whole class, but we couldn’t get everyone on the same plane, so I pulled some strings at AA and they chartered us a whole flight. And we went to Peter Pan land. 🙂 Very random!

And that’s what’s up! I’ll try and update more!

My Life

Mystery Biking Ghost

So apparently my office has a biking ghost…

Yesterday morning I brought my bike in so that I could start riding over my lunch hour. Sadly I forgot my shorts yesterday, so I didn’t go anywhere. My bike didn’t get moved from the time I brought it in in the morning till the time I left at 2:30 that afternoon. I brought it in the door and left it facing towards the conference room.

This morning I get in and the bike is now facing the opposite direction. I assume that maybe the cleaning people just knocked it over or something and start my work day. After an hour of struggling with some MySQL code, I’m parched and hungry so I get up and head over to the kitchen for some sustenance. On my way over there I notice this nice fresh black mark extending 4 or 5 feet on the carpet. I instantly notice this as a skid mark from my bike.

I head back to my cube and grab my bike and take it over there. Sure enough, it’s the exact same width as my tire… I inspect my tire a little more and quickly find a fresh cut of rubber off the rear tire….

Really makes me upset to think that I can’t trust the people I work with enough to leave my bike IN THE OFFICE overnight without someone fucking with it! Are we still in high school or something. Grow up people!

My Life

Something Strange!

So I was talking to my grandpa today and we’re ending the convo and three words come out of his mouth that I can’t ever remember him saying before in my life…”We Love you”. WTF? I can’t EVER remember him saying that before…. Something strange is going on there!

I found out for sure that they are sending another person here to London. And yet again it’s not me! How annoying. This guy is going till “at least” June.

I made some pretty amazing tacos last night.

This weekend is a 100 mile bike ride. I’ve been getting lots of peer-presure to sign up for it. But I’m just not sure I have the energy right now to do it. I’ve just been sooo dead. In a month is a double century from Santa Monica up to Santa Barbara. I want to sign up for that one, however. I really don’t have the money right now.

Things are moving along slowly for the whole Apartment purchase. I have potentially 7 people interested now. Only need 8 more. Anyone with $60k+ is more then welcome to the information. Pictures of the place are here.

The guy who I share cube space with has worn the same outfit for the last two days…. And he keeps saying. “I’m sooo out of it”. Strange asian boy!

My life has been boring lately. Just hanging out with Ben a lot and trying to rest and what not. I’ve been sooo sleepy.


My Life

Women Managers

Yesterday started at 3:30am, it ended at 10:30pm. Today started at 3:30am, I’ll be lucky if it ends before 10:30pm. Friday Starts at 3:30am.. You can bet it’ll be ending by 6pm!

So yesterday was a day of 150 miles, 4 hours in the car and never leaving the LA area. Started out at home, drove to NB, worked, drove to SM for a meeting, worked out (after getting lost trying to find the gym!), drove to WeHo, shopped at Borders for a bit, then a meeting for LifeCycle.

The meeting was ok, I didn’t really learn anything I didn’t already know, but the main point of going was to try and socialize. I finially met my Cycling buddy which was good. She’s from Chicago, so that was cool to talk with another mid-westerner. Bike ride this saturday probably. I just can’t find one that I feel comfortable joining. There are 3 beginner rides, and then one 40 mile advanced ride. I’m not sure I fit into that category yet. But I’m sure not a beginner!!

Spending the week working the HD, I’ve decided that I _hate_ the female managers here. They are all VERY mico-management styles and it’s REALLY annoying. I really don’t need you e-mailing me 5 times a day asking for updates on a ticket. When there’s an update. I’ll fucking send it to you!

Ok. I have stuff to do! Adios.