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  • Where have I been?

    I’ve been very busy and yet, I haven’t really done anything much lately. Last week was VERY busy for me at work. For once I actually had a client who was being responsive enough that I could actually use all the 40 hours they paid for in one week. So that was refreshing and I […]

  • Mystery Biking Ghost

    So apparently my office has a biking ghost… Yesterday morning I brought my bike in so that I could start riding over my lunch hour. Sadly I forgot my shorts yesterday, so I didn’t go anywhere. My bike didn’t get moved from the time I brought it in in the morning till the time I […]

  • Something Strange!

    So I was talking to my grandpa today and we’re ending the convo and three words come out of his mouth that I can’t ever remember him saying before in my life…”We Love you”. WTF? I can’t EVER remember him saying that before…. Something strange is going on there! I found out for sure that […]

  • Women Managers

    Yesterday started at 3:30am, it ended at 10:30pm. Today started at 3:30am, I’ll be lucky if it ends before 10:30pm. Friday Starts at 3:30am.. You can bet it’ll be ending by 6pm! So yesterday was a day of 150 miles, 4 hours in the car and never leaving the LA area. Started out at home, […]