Mystery Biking Ghost

So apparently my office has a biking ghost…

Yesterday morning I brought my bike in so that I could start riding over my lunch hour. Sadly I forgot my shorts yesterday, so I didn’t go anywhere. My bike didn’t get moved from the time I brought it in in the morning till the time I left at 2:30 that afternoon. I brought it in the door and left it facing towards the conference room.

This morning I get in and the bike is now facing the opposite direction. I assume that maybe the cleaning people just knocked it over or something and start my work day. After an hour of struggling with some MySQL code, I’m parched and hungry so I get up and head over to the kitchen for some sustenance. On my way over there I notice this nice fresh black mark extending 4 or 5 feet on the carpet. I instantly notice this as a skid mark from my bike.

I head back to my cube and grab my bike and take it over there. Sure enough, it’s the exact same width as my tire… I inspect my tire a little more and quickly find a fresh cut of rubber off the rear tire….

Really makes me upset to think that I can’t trust the people I work with enough to leave my bike IN THE OFFICE overnight without someone fucking with it! Are we still in high school or something. Grow up people!

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  1. OMG I would be PISSED.I do NOT share well with others.You have every right to be furious!Remember that Friends episode where Ross’ boss eats his turkey sandwich? He wrote a note and they started calling him “Mental Gellar” and then he got out of work for like two months. Just a thought.

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