Steve King!

Ugh. This guy makes me ashamed of being from Iowa. I saw him while I was still in college before he was elected to congress in a debate about Gay Marriage (I have a VHS tape of it, but sadly no way of watching it!). He was a mess back then and it seems he just keeps getting crazier. Perhaps he’s trying to become the next GWBush!

I really hope that the people of Iowa get rid of him SOON! But being he’s from the BFE part of fucked up Iowa I’m guessing he’ll probably be there for much longer.

Anyways, his latest disaster is that he seems to think that al Qaeda would be “dancing in the middle of the streets” if Barack Obama were elected President “because of his middle name.”

Oh my god. Are you freaking serious? Just because your name is KING doesn’t mean that you can BECOME king! I don’t think anyone should give a shit what Obama’s middle name is!

This guy needs to be thrown out of congress. Seriously!

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