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  • Mystery Biking Ghost

    So apparently my office has a biking ghost… Yesterday morning I brought my bike in so that I could start riding over my lunch hour. Sadly I forgot my shorts yesterday, so I didn’t go anywhere. My bike didn’t get moved from the time I brought it in in the morning till the time I […]

  • Why I hate IE6

    So the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a site design for a client. Well over the weekend we were in the final stages of the site design and working on moving it over to prod and getting it to look right in IE6. There was this side column that has the following code: <div […]

  • Zack Hexum

    So, every week I make sure that I download the iTunes song of the week and Discovery Download… Usually they aren’t anything that great… But this week they have Zach Hexum, which is just amazing! Everyone should go download it on the iTunes Song of the week… And one bonus is that he’s HOT! Also, […]

  • Andrew’s Paper About Himself

    j@j@ SqUaLL0112@aol.com To: chris@cjbonline.org Subject: (no subject) Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 21:20:00 EDT AndrewMcGeehan February10, 2003 Mrs.Shields APLit and Comp. MyPersonality Writingan entire paper about oneself at first seems to be such a simple task. Afterall, who knows myself better than me? However, as the beginnings of this paperbegan to take shape, I see […]