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Ok, so here’s the whole story of what happened last night….

So I had a some stuff that I wanted to transfer from my computer to my calculator. So I dug out the connector that I’ve had FOREVER. Hooked it up to my computer and installed the software. And all I would get was this DAMNED “Link Connection Error” and it gave no other help. Rarr! So I went online and started looking for shit. I found out that there were problems with the software on XP. So I rebooted into 2000, installed the software and tried again. SAME DAMN FUCKING ERROR. So I looked some more, found that the cable that I was using was notorious to just randomly stop working. So I went to Radio Shack, they don’t sell them, went to Office Max, they had them, so I buy it, bring it home, and fucking thing STILL doesn’t work.

So I start looking into it more. I had all the calbes that I had ever used on the calculator and started looking at them, switching them in and out. And I came across this one, where the two ends were different. On one end, the tip of it had broken off. So I take the good end and put it into the calc and low and behold, it doesn’t go all the way in… So I’m assuming that the tip to that cable broke off in the calc. Rarr!

So yeah, the ITEC show was really cool. I talked to a bunch of people and got ideas for places to hand in apps for internships. I also got a $1,200 peice of software for free. Which is SWEET! They had lots of pretty Sun servers there, and I wanted to molest them all… However, there were only a few cute bois there (what do you expect for a tech confrence). But they were more then worth looking at! lol

Today’s been really good. C# is pissing me the hell off and so is my group though.

Out group has met 4-5 times for the project that were working on. One of our group members has YET to show up to one, and another one comes, but just sits there, and looks stupid. Probably because he is. Today he was just sitting there sleeping. I, while he was sleeping and the other one that did show up was sitting there trying to get the program working, actually got the program working, and all it needs now are some few tweks, but it’s annoying as hell! Rarr!

At noon I had my Calc test. And I think I kicked it’s ass. But I know that EVERY time I think I did well on a math test. I get it back and I failed it somehow, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

I’ve got like 80 million windows open with links that I’ve been wanting to post so here goes again:

You want a reality TV show? Watch this program. I saw it on Sunday night and it’s really good. It looks like something that I would enjoy doing. Living on the land in Montana. So much fun!

Looking for an alternative to Windows? Perhaps you should check out the new SuSE 8.1. I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. But everything I’ve heard has been VERY good.

I hope that I don’t get stuck working in death traps like these. Although I have seen some that are just about as bad.

Isn’t he cute! Who says there aren’t any cute nerds?

Speaking of Cute, go vote for me! You better all choose 10’s!

Kinky Fun! (WARNING: NUDITY!!!)

More Kinky Fun, but not as bad as the last one! (WARNING: MORE NUDITY!!!)

And I think that’s all… I’m off to send in resumes!

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