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Vote Green!

So yeah, everyone should vote green, cause well you should. Well, you can decide for yourself, but whatever. lol

Anyways, so the budget numbers from the first full year that Bush has been in came out…

The last year Clinton was in office, 130 BILLION dollar surplus, this year, over $150 BILLION dollar deifict! Where in the HELL did my 300 BILLION dollars go? That’s what I want to know.

Umm, yeah so this weekend has been pretty damn fun. Friday we hung out and did shit. Saturdy Adam worked, so I hung out at home and worked on my schedule for next semster. It was good times.

Saturday night Adam and I went to the mall and had a good time, we also went to B&N where I asked about books about Bayard Rustin and the guy actually knew who that was, which was neato. And we found these two books that I really want, one’s called “Queer” and it’s like a top 10 list for Queers, it’s really pretty cool and the other one is about gays in the navy, and it’s pretty much just a bunch of interviews, but it’s really cool to read it. After that we went back to my house and called James and he came over and went Hot Tubbing, it was fun cause I haven’t seen him in like FOREVER! He left about midnight to go to somewhere.

After that Adam and I went back to his house and went to bed.

Today we went shopping again at places cause he had the day off. About 1:30ish his mom called him and said he “needed to be home alone NOW!” So I took him home and told him good luck. Then I came back to Ames.

Now I’m here just doing the normal stuff. It’s snowing really bad out right now. It’s nice, but I’m kinda pissed cause I don’t want it to snow right now. It has to wait at least until after Halloween to do this shit. RARR! But It’s days like this that I wish I had a fireplace.

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