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Ok, so not much happening. The weather’s been sucky, classes have been stressfull. What more do you need to know?

Oh, you want more. Alright. Monday was alright, very busy day, I have a couple extra classes, so that was wierd, but anyways. I got alot of shit done. Today’s been pretty good. We’ve got a paper due in Engl tomorrow, so today I went to the Engl Help room, and the lady there was FAR more helpfull then most of them have been in the past. So that was great. I got alot of good ideas.

After that I trecked over to Carver 44. For the last 2-3 weeks we’ve been working on this damn C# program. We’ve put probably a good 20 hours into it and hadn’t gotten anywhere, so today, I satdown, and in 2 hours. I have the WHOLE thing working from scratch. I was angered by the slowness of our group.

Then I went to my noon class, we got out Calc tests back and I got a C+, which is FAR better then the last one. He got done right at 1, the time that we’re supposed to leave, and then he KEPT talking for like 15 more minutes…. Finally the prof for the next class came in and kicked him out. I was SOOO pissed cause he kept us late. And I couldn’t leave cause we had to turn stuff in. Rarr at him!

Today at work we got in a new computer, which was fun. It’s so fast. I mean, so fast that I can actually tell a difference from even the 2.5 Ghz machines that we have. And this one’s only a 2.80 Ghz, so it’s not that much faster, but it’s all SCSI, so that rocks my socks off! lol

As Taylor noticed, Jell-O does not make good kool-aide. I really was trying to make Jell-O, but I apparently put in far to much water, cause after two days, it’s still just water. So I tried drinking it, and it tastes like shit! Rarr! I really wanted Jell-O.

Ok, so here’s some random Pics!

It’s an ANDREW Imposter!

The next four were featured in XY a while ago, and I really liked them.

I found this one somewhere, and I really liked it as well, It’s ISU. The long brown building on the left is Friley.

HAHA! Cute!

HAHAHA! Funny!

Ok, I’m out to find food, cause I haven’t had anything to eat since this time last night!

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