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Ok, anyone know this phone number: 515-979-0745?? They’ve called me like twice, but they never say anything. Rarr!


“Can the safe word be obsessive compulsive”
“No, that’s two words”

Sorry, it was funny! And speaking of funny, West Wing. OMG! It was great. I love that show. I wish we had a president that was really like that!

Speaking of president. I can’t wait tell those damn elections are over!

Speaking of elections! Go VOTE!

And spealing of….. Well nothing really! lol

I’m addicted to Hot Or Not!! There should be an 800 number for that! 1-800-hot-or-no

This is pointless. I’m out!

6 replies on “Phone??”

Thank you for the RSS! You’re in Evolution now! I had the same trouble with mine one time. I don’t know how the permissions would change, but they did. Heh.

Whatever you did to your site makes me have to scroll back and forth to read it…it’s too wide to fit in thte window. Is anyone else having this problem?!?

It’s because you people don’t have your resolution up high enough. The Pictures are what’s causing the scrolling. It’s Bursting the tables.

It’ll be fixed once that post is off the front page!

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