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Oct 25, 2001

Oct 25, [Eddie Izzard, "Glorious"]

Notes to self: A) Must start remembering to wear a coat each time I leave

the building, just because it looks nice out doesn’t mean it is. B) Must

not start listening to something amusing when there’s homework to be done.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and even though it looks as though it

should be like 70 degrees out, it’s bloody not. I got up this morning, and

looked out side. It looked nice. Yep, looked nice, so I thought to myself.

It should be a good sweater day. Well I headed out towards my first class,

and I got outside and it was bloody fucking cold, I was like, holy buckets

it’s cold outside. So yeah.

Now I’m listening to Eddie Izzard’s Glorious, and it’s funny shit. I can’t

think about my Homework now. I’m supposed to be writing a summary of this

paper thing. Grrr. Ok, I’m off…

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