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Oct 26, 2001

Oct 26, [BBMak, "More Then Words"]

ONE YEAR OF RANTINGS!!!! Yep, that’s right, one year ago today I started

this page!

Ya know, WinXP has only been out one bloody day and I’m already sick of

hearing about it. M$ is promoting it as the savior of the world, and really,

it’s just a piece of shit. Win2k Pro will work just fine for me thanks.

Bastards anywho. I want to switch over to a total linux box, but there’s

just a few things that I don’t want to risk losing. Maybe this summer I’ll

work on that and save up some money for copy of Win for Linux or something,

that way if I do have to use Windows for something, I can just use that.

Or maybe I’ll just buy myself a Win laptop, that’d be nice.

So it’s Friday as well. Tonight Adam and I are going to my G&G’s, fun

times. We’re going to hang out with David, which should be fun. I’ve been

looking forward to meeting him.

Ok. I have to be going to class now, See everyone Sunday….

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