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Why I hate IE6

So the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a site design for a client. Well over the weekend we were in the final stages of the site design and working on moving it over to prod and getting it to look right in IE6. There was this side column that has the following code:

<div id="recentposts"><div class="h2background"><h2>Genres</h2></div>


<li><a href="/category/trial-cat/">Mystery</a></li>

<li><a href="/category/uncategorized/">Romance</a></li>

<li><a href="/category/young-adult/">Young Adult</a></li>



Well that code produced this result:

Clearly that’s nooooot right. The red bars should be right up against one another. I was using the EXACT same styling on another thing and it worked perfectly! So why didn’t this one work????

I spent an HOUR trying to figure it out. The final change….

<div id="recentposts"><div class="h2background"><h2>Genres</h2></div>


<li><a href="/category/trial-cat/">Mystery </a></li>

<li><a href="/category/uncategorized/">Romance </a></li>

<li><a href="/category/young-adult/">Young Adult </a></li>



Which makes it look like this:

Does anyone see the difference between the two?


That’s right.. ONE FUCKING ” “. between the word and the closing href tag! What the fuck! Why DOES ONE SPACE make any difference!

I don’t get it.

In hosting news, things are going pretty good. You may notice that all of my secondary domains are down. Including the Family Website (, My Company (FunkyFooBar) and Photodump. These are in the slow process of being moved over to bluehost from the current server. Since they are so HUGE (15Gigs in total). It’s going to take a while.

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IE6 is awful when you’re trying to apply styles to lists. In IE7 news, I found a javascript that ran fine in IE6 and all versions of Mozilla software, but executes 47 times in IE7. The best part? It triggers e-mail.

IE is a piece of shit. I run into the same problems on some of the sites I work on for our business. Sometimes I feel like saying “fuck it”. If weirdo’s are still using IE in 2007, then they don’t deserve to see my site the way it’s supposed to work…frustrating..

Why do you complain so much and use profanity the way you do? Convert to linux or some different os or do something and quit complaining and using f–k. It down

grades your image for the rest of us and makes you look like a stupid punk.

(!!!!!!!!!!!!) —Doug Rosbury

i feel your pain. hence the reasons i will not be working in web design or html junk anymore

Thanks for your feedback Doug. I only see one “Fucking” in this post. I think that’s really a pretty good considering that my typical in-person language is much more like a sailor.

Also, I do use Linux, Mac OSX. I haven’t really used a Windows computer in about 12 years. However, since 60% of the clients visitors are still using IE6, I sadly have to code to their standards.

I’m guessing based on your really bitchy comment that you are probably the one who really brings it down for the rest of us. Since you’re saying to just move to linux?

Dear Doug,

Shut the fuck up. I’m guessing you’re either a loser or over the age of 50, probably both. People our age swear…a lot. It’s how we communicate our angst when no other word applies. Plus, blogs are a place to vent about anything we want…using as many fucks, shits, cunts, goddammits, or mutherfuckers as we want. Welcome to the future bro….



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