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My First Big Earthquake

And I slept right through it!

There was a 4.5 quake about 28 miles north of here at 1am this morning. I didn’t feel a thing! Although, I did wake up a lot last night. Perhaps that was one of the things that jolted me awake. But I sure didn’t realize what was going on.

Not too much really going on. Last night I went body surfing with Mok. Which also marked the first time since I moved to Cali that I really spent any time in the ocean. I still don’t like it. I hate the taste/smell of the water, I hate the feeling of the waves pulling you out. It’s just scary! Although I do want to learn to surf.

After that we went to dinner at Rice Things again. I pull in and was CLEARLY waiting for this guy to back out of a parking spot when this dumb asian bitch comes out of no where and steals the spot. I honk at her and flip her off then go park on the street a couple blocks away. I walk back to the store and she’s still standing right inside the door. I stand there waiting for our order and she just stares at me. I stare right back.

On her way out she starts talking to me, but I couldn’t understand a WORD she was saying. She was clearly being bitchy though. I really wanted to just say. “Learn fucking English you hoe.” But I just ignored her. The guy standing next to me was like. “Did you understand anything she said?”. Stupid whore.

Anyways, the food was good and then we went to the 99 Cent store to see the line for the iPhone promo. Sadly there were about 20 people in line! 🙁 I was sooooo hoping that people wouldn’t already be out there. I wonder how long they had been there anyways.

The good news is that I just finished two contracts that are going to pay off my credit cards and I have 2 more coming up soon that should give me lots of extra cash. So hopefully I can either spend that on a trip to Rome, or an iPhone. I’ll probably still wait till March when my current phone expires to get the iPhone though!

Tonight I’m supposed to hit the gym with Mok again. I really like going with him cause he really pushes me. I’m still a bit sore from when we went Tuesday!


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