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Gay Erotic Expo!!

Yes, this weekend. I went to the Gay Erotic Expo!

Sooo. Friday night I hung out with Mok and Brian. It was lots of fun. We got drunk and watched Ice Age and Ice Age 2. They were kinda funny. Mok spent the night. Saturday we got up and went shopping at Home Depot and then went to the Gay Erotic Expo.

It was very entertaining. Lots of hot boys wondering around, lots of porn and lots of cute underwear. We spent like 4 hours or so there. After that I was supposed to have dinner with Dan… We’d been talking about it all week. So I txt him to confirm and he’s like. “Well I’m hanging out with another friend”. I was very annoyed. Either way, Mok and I went to The Counter. We ate WAY too much.

After that we went to the Del Amo mall and shopped. I bought some stuff at Urban Outfitters.. I found this REALLY cute shirt that I wanted. RIGHT infront of the shirt was a giant sign that said. “50% off”. So I assumed that the shirt was 50% off. So i took it up to the counter and the guy said it wasn’t on SALE! Excuse me. That’s fucking just wrong to do. There’s a god damn SIGN RIGHT IN FRONT of the shirt.

We also got my hair cut while we were there. It looked REALLY cute in the store.

Sunday I got up about 8ish. Planted my new flowers and stuff and then about noon I sat down to eat lunch. I woke up again about 5:30. haha. I took 4 showers yesterday trying to get my hair to look right. I even went out and bought a flatting iron. I just can’t get it to look the same! :'(

I also spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning out my hard drive. I was up to 90gigs of used space. I had my three external hard drives plugged in and was moving shit all over and generally re-arranging my storage stuff. I had nearly 3gigs of EMAIL saved up. I went through and cleaned out a TON of attachments. I still have over 24,000 emails saved and 700 megs. I feel that I should delete most of them. Especially the ones from like 2004, 2005 for work. Which is nearly 5,000 emails. But I just can’t bring myself to delete them. I dunno why!

Constantine is back in town, we are hanging out tonight. I’m gonna cook supper and look through his photos. I can’t wait to see him!

Photos from the weekend

YouTube – Open Carry Legal in New Hampshire?

A trip down memory lane. I found this interesting. 🙂

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Damn! We thought the Expo was this coming weekend. We planned on checking it out before going to a concert on Saturday. Grrr…

At least you had a nice time hanging out with some cute guys.

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