Something Strange!

So I was talking to my grandpa today and we’re ending the convo and three words come out of his mouth that I can’t ever remember him saying before in my life…”We Love you”. WTF? I can’t EVER remember him saying that before…. Something strange is going on there!

I found out for sure that they are sending another person here to London. And yet again it’s not me! How annoying. This guy is going till “at least” June.

I made some pretty amazing tacos last night.

This weekend is a 100 mile bike ride. I’ve been getting lots of peer-presure to sign up for it. But I’m just not sure I have the energy right now to do it. I’ve just been sooo dead. In a month is a double century from Santa Monica up to Santa Barbara. I want to sign up for that one, however. I really don’t have the money right now.

Things are moving along slowly for the whole Apartment purchase. I have potentially 7 people interested now. Only need 8 more. Anyone with $60k+ is more then welcome to the information. Pictures of the place are here.

The guy who I share cube space with has worn the same outfit for the last two days…. And he keeps saying. “I’m sooo out of it”. Strange asian boy!

My life has been boring lately. Just hanging out with Ben a lot and trying to rest and what not. I’ve been sooo sleepy.


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