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Haha, Great video I found on AndyB’s site.

Wow what a weekend! Let’s see, so Friday I worked and then went down to Laguna to apartment search with Nick. We found some ok places, one really nice place in Dana Point, but I think that is just too far south! After that we went to Harbor House and had dinner then went and picked up Dustin from his “Private Client”.

We headed out to Irvine to see La Vie En Rose. Which is an amazing movie. Totally not the type of movie I would go and see on my own. But it was so sad and moving and what not. Great movie. I did _HATE_ the subtitles though! From there we headed to the Boom Boom and met up with Austin there. Thankfully no Joel this time, but lots of other cuties out. My bartender boyfriend was there, so I stared at him for a while. Austin of course made me dance, which was ridic.

[private]After the Boom I headed back to Austin’s place and we ended up getting high for the second time in my life. It was tons of fun. But soo bad. I always hate hanging out with him alone though because I always just want to grab him and make out with him and what not. Ugh. He’s so adorable! So I ended up spending the night there and we cuddled all night long.[/private]

I got home Saturday morning and did laundry and some other stuff and then ended up taking a nap pretty much all day. Sunday morning I got up and drove all the way to Santa Monica to go on a bike ride with Team 100. I got up there, got my bike out put it together and all that and then realized I forgot my shoes at home! UGH! How annoying. So I drove back home and ended up just going on a short 10 mile ride with Mok, we rode up to Manhattan Beach and ate breakfast, the whole ten miles took about 3 hours to do cause we wasted so much time at breakfast. On my way back some asshole totally took me out on the Beach path. I was riding along and he was going the opposite direction. Then all of a sudden he slams on his brakes and totally cuts me off. So I slammed him right in the side. Stupid people!

Got home from that, showered and hung out for about an hour and then headed to the Beach with Mok and these two guys he knows. That was a good time, ate dinner with them and then came home and took a nap till about 9ish. Went out with Nick and one of his friends in WeHo and we met up with some random guy from Malibu who was pretty hot, but he was 36!! Anyways, it was a lot of fun to go out and look at the boys up there again. 🙂

While I was waiting to head up there though I ended up watching about 10 minutes of like the “Hannity Hour” or something on Fox. I cannot believe that anyone listens to this idiot! What the hell is wrong with people that they would give this guy a fucking TV show? UGH!

Today I came into work at 10, as I’m covering the evening HD shift. We had our official meeting about the whole mess with the other office closing. Apparently they are taking this as good news for us. We’re taking on 6 of the displaced contractors from the client and then sub-contracting them back to the client. Seems strange to me, but whatever works! I guess we also have 2 years left of contracts that it appears they are not going to try and get out of, so that’s good. However the new contracts is that we have to cut 2 FTEs by the end of this calendar year. However we went over some of the new potential clients that are in the works, so hopefully if even a few of those pan out, we’ll actually end up hiring more people then losing the 2. So it’s all a wait and see game now to see what’s going to happen! JT did make fun of me and called me the “barefoot boy”. lol. We were talking about cleaning out my desk up in SM and he said, “Be sure to get your shoes.” haha. Thankfully I went in on Sunday and cleaned out my desk up there.

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  1. I’m not sure what’s up with this post.. but I can read it on your website.. but there’s nothing here on LJ…

  2. Hmm.. well.. the “private” section is not red like it normally is.. so it’s entirely possible that it’s showing up publicly over here on LJ.

  3. Thanks, this entry is friends only. So it’s all good. I wish I knew what the problem was! Nothing has changed on my site, I wonder if LJ has made a change which broke the crossposting script I have!

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