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More Counties Consider RAGBRAI Ban

More Counties Consider RAGBRAI Ban – KCCI Des Moines

This story is really sad. I mean, really, who’s the IDIOT that sued because some guy hit a crack in the road and died? Serious??!?!?

That’s all a part of RIDING YOUR BIKE. There are dangers associated with doing as such. YOU KNOW about them when you get ON THE BIKE.

It’s really sad that such a fun and great ride could be in jeopardy because one asshole wanted a quick payout. Yes, I’m sorry that someone died, it sucks when that happens. But take responsibility! The guy knew that there was a danger when he squeezed into those tight little shorts!


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Did you see the poll-49% of people would support the ban. Apparently all of Iowa has suddenly gone stupid.

Yeah, it’s freaking stupid. I don’t understand what these people are thinking! Hello. RAGBRAI is a HUGE thing and brings in TONS of money for the counties/cities it goes through. How f’ing stupid can these people be.

In other Iowa news. Did you hear about wonderful Steve King and his New Name for SCHIP?

I’m amazed how inconsequential a man’s death is to the majority of readers. How many people know the circumstances behind the family’s situation? I also love how participants are beating their chests proclaiming what great atheletes they are and all the exercise benefit afforded by Ragbrai. Everyone knows Ragbrai is about; cheating on your spouse, drinking as much alcohol as possible, and trying desperately to pick up men/women depending upon your gender. Real bike enthusiasts ignore Ragbrai because they know it’s a drinking party.

As I stated, it sucks that someone died. It’s never a good thing. BUT there’s NO REASON anyone should have sued the county over a freaking crack in the road. It’s a risk you take when you go biking.

Also, yes RAGBRAI is a huge drinking event and that’s well known. Sooo in that fact, who wants to bet that the guy had probably had a few too?

No one here said anything about RAGBRAI being a huge exercise benefit, etc. However you have to admit that it does take some amount of effort to ride your bike across a state… Have you even done it?

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