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  • More on Dr Laura

    So I was listening to Dr Laura again the other day… And this guy calls in, he and his mother haven’t talked in years, some big fight about the woman he married or something, blah blah blah. His mother is dying. He’s calling Dr Laura to ask what he should do. HELLO! What is wrong […]

  • Hooked on YouTube

    Ok.. so I’ve been hooooooked on YouTube lately! This is what happens when I don’t have extra work to do! lol. That is fucking SWEET.. and apparently it’s LINUX?!?! WTF! How do I get it! I got a call last night at 7pm… Asking if I could work the HD again today… Of course I […]

  • Interest

    So.. I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile… But in TWO months I’ve made more interest in my Orange Account then I did the entire YEAR last year in my regular savings account. Last night was very productive for me… Went out for a few hours with this guy. He was nice, but […]

  • Mind Eraser?

    I wish I could have one of those cool mind erasers like they have in MIB, but one that only erases my regrets. There’s lots of things in my life that I both regret doing, and things that I regret not doing. But for me, they build up, and bug the hell out of me […]

  • ICU

    Well, I just got news that Blake is in ICU. Jimmy says that he stopped breathing last night in his sleep. I had a feeling last night that I should have gone home Friday like I wanted too… At least then I could have driven up to the hospital and seen him. :'( I really […]