More on Dr Laura

So I was listening to Dr Laura again the other day… And this guy calls in, he and his mother haven’t talked in years, some big fight about the woman he married or something, blah blah blah.

His mother is dying. He’s calling Dr Laura to ask what he should do. HELLO! What is wrong with you. Get your ass to the fucking hospital and say goodbye to your mother. It doesn’t matter what she did to you in the past. She’s still your god damn mother. The woman who RAISED you and brought you into this world. What is wrong with these people? Seriously!

She now also has a Dr. Laura Action Figure! I know what Kiera’s getting for christmas now! haha.

Then I was watching Trading Spouses on Monday night and they had these two families on. The one was the normal, “my kids are out of control” and the other was the “I lock my kids up at night” type. Every week when I catch parts of this show before heading to bed, I can’t believe that people actually think these are the correct ways to be raising and caring for your children! You do not take your kids BED away from them for messing up. You do not auction off thier toys to the other kids in the house, you don’t let them just run wild in stores, and you don’t let them backtalk to you and walk all over you.

Grow some balls people and parent! Maybe it’s a good idea to make all new parents take parenting classes!

So the project I’ve been working on since Friday. I handed over Round 1 Mockups to the CEO early yesterday afternoon. His reply…. “Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!”. God I love that feeling! Then he had 6 very minor (as in it’ll take 5 minutes to do them all) changes. So round 1 goes back to the Business Logic people Wed-AM (a full WEEK early!). Hopefully we can be working on round three by the deadline for round 1 comes along.

I’m eating out way too much and not working out enough! Yesterday I went out on a bike ride and the tire blew out like a mile away from my house. I had JUST used up the last of my CO2, so I didn’t have anything to refil the new tube with. So no bike ride. 🙁 Today I’ve got a meeting with the EE, and then dinner with Bryan. So probably no time to work out tonight. Then tomorrow I am working in Newport, lunch with Robert and dinner with Austin. Friday or Saturday I’m hanging out with Chiba again, so we’ll probably go out to dinner or something. And Sunday is biking day, and best of all about that is I FINALLY have a new Jersey, so I don’t be wearing the same one that I have been for months! lol.

I was introduced to this really cool Guerrilla Gay Bar Los Angeles. It’s like a Gay FlashMob. Sounds like fun. I think I may try it out this Friday as well.


Hooked on YouTube

Ok.. so I’ve been hooooooked on YouTube lately! This is what happens when I don’t have extra work to do! lol.

That is fucking SWEET.. and apparently it’s LINUX?!?! WTF! How do I get it!

I got a call last night at 7pm… Asking if I could work the HD again today… Of course I had to say yes, the guy’s wife is in the hospital. So here I am, up at 3:30 am again!

Vegas tomorrow! I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED! Fuck you Jay!


Friday – DriveVegas, some crazy mountian thing, and Zumanity.

Saturday – The Strip, Water show thing, dinner with the fam, other various stuff, partying @ night

Sunday – Hoover Dam, other left over stuff.

Monday – Fly home early morning – Meeting 30 minutes after my flight lands (hopefully I make it!!!)


So.. I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile…

But in TWO months I’ve made more interest in my Orange Account then I did the entire YEAR last year in my regular savings account.

Last night was very productive for me… Went out for a few hours with this guy. He was nice, but alas, still nothing great.

I was thinking about that in bed last night though… Why are all these guys so annoying to me.. I mean how many guys have I been going out with lately (12 that I can remember, but it seems like way more… Only 2 of them have gotten second dates, and one got a thrid), and they all just annoy me, or I’m not into them for one reason or another… Maybe I’m just way to picky.

I also spent a few hours fixing my MythBox and updating my iTunes library. I finially have ALL my music re-imported, so that’s good. I’m still sad that I lost the majority of my play counts, which means most of my Smart Playlists are fucked up. But oh well. I can fix that eventually.

In all I only lost ratings on 813 songs, out of 7,189. So that’s not bad. I’ve created a playlist for them and will spend the next few days listening to all the songs and re-rating them. Thankfully some of them I was able to Mass Rate, because I know I love/hate the band as a whole.

My mythbox is still being a bit of a problem.. First MythWeb isn’t connecting to the backend for some reason, which is annoying. Secondly, I can’t figure out which tables to re-import to keep my Previously Recorded settings and to keep my Recording Schedule. I really don’t want to have to go back through and have it record all those shows that I’ve already seen and recorded and deleted.

I’ve posted things on the forums, but no help as of yet. :'(

I’ll continue to work on that tonight though. But I’ve got stuff going on as well, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done.

My mom randomly called me at like 9 last night too.. Very strange that SHE was still up at that time. Told me that my dad had been taken to the hospital on Saturday and that the dog had been taken to the doggy hospital on Sunday! They had a busy weekend! Thankfully they are both ok.

Apparently the dog got caught up on some barbed wire in our back yard and tore a huge gash on his leg and was bleeding like crazy. Got some stitches and is ok now.

My dad apparently had something where he was in horrible pain and couldn’t move. Not really sure, she said they did an MRI. He’ll be fine too, just a few days of pain I guess.

I’ve been invited down to Oceanside by some Marine boy to hang out on Friday night… I dunno how I feel about that. He wants to go to the casino and then just “hang” out. Which I bet means fucking. Gah! Perhaps I’ll go for the casino and just drive back home. It’s like 40 miles away, so it’s not that bad. He’s cute. lol. Plus hopefully I’ll win some money, cause I sure need some! Not sure what’s happened this first part of the month, but all my money is gone! :'(

Mental Note: Trying to edit a 30 Meg text file with 265,870 lines WILL kill your computer… Be sure to use vi! Cause it rocks! 🙂


Mind Eraser?

I wish I could have one of those cool mind erasers like they have in MIB, but one that only erases my regrets. There’s lots of things in my life that I both regret doing, and things that I regret not doing.

But for me, they build up, and bug the hell out of me years later. I can’t seem to move on from them. Last night I was kept awake for hours because of something I didn’t do (or maybe it was something I did, depending on the way you look at the situation) when I was 12! God damnit.

Either way, as yesterday’s post stated, I was lazy as hell. I did work my full 8 hours though, and I got some stuff done. But not as much as I could reallly have gotten done. I applied to a few part time jobs. Extra money is always nice. An extra $400-500 a month could do a lot for me. 🙂

After I got home I was going to go biking to start burning off the fat that I gained at my parents house (which is very visiable), but then I got home and decided that it was still too cold to go out. God I’m lazy. I need to get my ass back going to the gym and doing the biking thing. Gah, why is staying healthy so much work?

I ended up sitting on the couch chatting with people online all night, I met someone who’s from Bakersfield, and he started talking with Blake, and then we got into this random three sided conversation. It was crazy. He and I might be doing lunch. I’m going to give him some business contacts cause he’s trying to find a job, and since I keep getting job offers, I figured I’d just pass those people onto him. (Speaking of which, I got ANOTHER call yesterday for a job down in SD)

I also met this guy who graduated from ISU in 2003 and is living in Dana Point. He seems cool, but we haven’t talked too much. I met this other random guy who apparently knows Nikki and JonJon and who was dating Matt at the SAME TIME that Matt was dating JonJon.. Very crazyness. I want to contact Nikki to get her side of the story, because of course his story makes him out to be the victim. I just like hearing both sides. 🙂

And lastly, I’ve been e-mailing this guy back and forth for like a week, he’s been wanting to hang out. But since I’ve been in Iowa I clearly couldn’t. Well last night he indicated that he wanted to hook up as well as hang out. Well I knew I had seen his profile on MySpace and could have sworn it said he was in a realtionship, so I looked and YEP, that fucker is clearly in a relationship, and his boyfriend posts like every other day that he “loves him” on his comments and shit. It’s like, WTF? What is WRONG with the gay community that they want to hook up with random people, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY!?!?!?! God I hate homos.

My mom also called last night and asked how Blake was doing, cause I told her about him being in the hospital, I had to talk to someone about it. Anyways, I thought that was very nice of her. She’s got her up days. lol.

I started researching investments again for this next year, I’m looking into other companies besides T Rowe Price, and I REALLY like Vanguard. If you want to invest something, you should also check them out. I think I will open a few accounts with them this year. They have much lower Expense Ratios then TRP, which is nice. I also am enjoying my new Orange account. 🙂 I need to find a bank around here to cash my EE Bonds for free though. Since Principal doesn’t have an actual location and you have to be physically present to cash them, I can’t just mail them in like a normal check. But WF charges you to cash them if you aren’t a customer, so I have to call some other banks. I’m thinking a credit union would be my best bet. But now even THEY are statrting to charge non-customers for services. I fucking hate banks.

OG installed WP2.0 the other day and it’s very cool. I really need to get my ass in gear and update as well. Maybe this weekend, but probably not.


Well, I just got news that Blake is in ICU.

Jimmy says that he stopped breathing last night in his sleep.

I had a feeling last night that I should have gone home Friday like I wanted too… At least then I could have driven up to the hospital and seen him.

:'( I really hope he gets better soon.

I told Jimmy to give him a midnight kiss for me. haha.