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  • Go Now…

    So last night was VERY VERY scary… I got online to talk to Andrew and he said that it hurt when he went pee. We talked for a while about what it could be. Eventually we decided that he should go to the doctor tomorrow before we went to KC. By that time it was […]

  • Aug 24, 2001

    Aug 24, [Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, "I Would Walk 500 Miles"] So tonight has just really fucking sucked. I went over to Adam’s and we did the whole hair cut thing and then we went out to supper and we had fun. About 7 we went over to Angie’s. It was me, Adam, […]

  • May 21, 2001

    may 21, #2 [foreigner, "hot blooded"] hmm, that songs kinda an odd thing to come up just as i was starting this, lol. i just got done talking to this really cool guy (hope he doesn’t mind his pic being there, lol, if he does just talk to me, i’ll take it down.) that’s from […]