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Aug 24, 2001

Aug 24, [Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, "I Would Walk 500 Miles"]

So tonight has just really fucking sucked. I went over to Adam’s and we

did the whole hair cut thing and then we went out to supper and we had fun.

About 7 we went over to Angie’s. It was me, Adam, Xak, and Angie. We were

all going to go downstairs and watch a movie, talk and that such stuff and

get things out that needed to be said before she left so that we would all

leave on a good note. Well her PU’s decided that they wanted to watch it

with us, so we all had to stay upstairs and watch it, which meant no talking

about things, no cuddling, no nothing. It sucked ass. Then as soon as the

movie was done, Angie’s mom thought that Angie needed to go to bed so that

she’d be ready to go in the morning. So we pretty much got kicked out of

there at 10. That really sucked cause we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye

like we all wanted too, we didn’t get the chance to talk after the movie,

nothing. I *_HATE_* Angie’s mom. Grrr. So we were saying bye at the door,

and Angie and I were hugging and I just starting crying, I couldn’t hold

them back any longer. I’d been holding them back for a while now, but I

just couldn’t hold them anymore.

Adam and I then left to go to downtown, well we stopped into Hy-Vee first

and Kenny G talked to Adam about something, apparently Kenny found Adam’s

website, which isn’t good. But whatever. We were there for a while and talked

to random people. Then we left and were going downtown, well tonight’s been

one of those foggy hazy type nights and you can’t see the top of 801 Grand,

all you could see was the light blinking in the coulds. Well Adam pointed

that out and that brought a story to my mind about one of my Great Grandma’s

and how when she was in the hospital along time ago when they were building

that, and one night I was in her room and it was like it is tonight and

she pointed it out and said, "Look, that’s the Angels coming to get

me." I couldn’t even get the whole story out before I broke into a

full bawling. I was like, omg what’s happened to me, I don’t cry. I don’t

let people see my cry. But I just couldn’t hold it back anymore, I just

couldn’t. Tonight’s sucked

We went to Java Joe’s. I met that Ryan guy and I got a hug, that was nice.

We also talked to some Ben guy. He’s damn hot. But apparently Str8. I say

other wise. Adam, Tara, and I walked around downtown for a while and talked.

I felt better which is good. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as bad, but I know

it will be. I’m going to go do some more packing now cause well, I think

I’m going to move up tomorrow (errr, today now) but I’m not sure yet.

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