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Aug 26, 2001

Aug 26, [Garbage, "Crush"]

So the last couple days have been emotional crazies. Yesterday Adam, Mandy

and I went over to Angie’s house to see her off. Well, her plane was delayed

about an hour, so we hung around there for a while, and we wanted to talk

to her personally, but we didn’t get a chance to cause Angie’s mom was being

a bitch. Well, we went to the airport and we hung out, everyone was being

really well composed there. We found out that Angie’s plane had been delayed

another hour or so. Well it finally landed about 2 or so, and we got everything

loaded, and all that and Angie was on the plane. We had all said our goodbyes

and stuff. Adam gave Angie his necklace, I’m sure meant alot to her, it

was very sweet of him to do that. Well it wasn’t until the engines were

started that people started to break down and cry. I wanted to just let

the tears gush, but I didn’t I held them back. Adam was crying really badly,

and I knew what he was going though. I wish Angie’s PU’s hadn’t been there

cause well then I could have hugged him and such. I know that when I’m in

a mood like that I like to just have someone there that will hug me or hold

me. But I didn’t I hugged him a couple times that was nice, it made me feel

better. After her plane was moving we left and Mandy took us back to Angie’s

house so we could get Adam’s car. From there we went back to Adam’s house

and hung out and cleaned his room.

After we were done with his room we went back to my house and I packed

some. We talked alot there about coming out and how people percieve bi-sexuality.

It was a nice talk. After we were done there we went ovet to me Aunts house

and met my grandma and we hung out there for a while and talked. We left

there and went back to PC on the way there Julian called and wanted to hang

out, so he came over to my house. When he got there we went to Best Buy

to get him a modem that worked with Linux. That was fun times. After we

went to Best Buy we went over to Comp USA. There was this song that made

Adam think of Angie and he started getting sad, this was in the check out

line. Well I gave Adam a hug and the lady at the desk said "Ahhh, isn’t

that sweet." Then Adam felt the need to give the lady a hug and the

guy standing next to her, that was amusing.

After that we went back to PC to get Mandy. We got Mandy and went to her

house, her dad was home, that was just odd, he felt the need to show us

his bullets. Hmmmm. We left quickly. We went to Ames after that. That was

amusing, we all talked about random things and other such stuff. It was

mostly good times.

Today I moved, it sucked. Grrr fucking PU’s. I won’t go into that though,

maybe later.

This is why I do daily updates, cause I have to much to post if I do more

then one day in an update. I know I’m fogetting alot of the things that

happened to me in the last 48 hours. Maybe I’ll add another update later.

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