Hooked on YouTube

Ok.. so I’ve been hooooooked on YouTube lately! This is what happens when I don’t have extra work to do! lol.

That is fucking SWEET.. and apparently it’s LINUX?!?! WTF! How do I get it!

I got a call last night at 7pm… Asking if I could work the HD again today… Of course I had to say yes, the guy’s wife is in the hospital. So here I am, up at 3:30 am again!

Vegas tomorrow! I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED! Fuck you Jay!


Friday – DriveVegas, some crazy mountian thing, and Zumanity.

Saturday – The Strip, Water show thing, dinner with the fam, other various stuff, partying @ night

Sunday – Hoover Dam, other left over stuff.

Monday – Fly home early morning – Meeting 30 minutes after my flight lands (hopefully I make it!!!)

2 thoughts on “Hooked on YouTube”

  1. ok, ditch the drive vegas and the hoover dam (save them for your second trip) and just hit up the strip. take your time at the south end of the strip, thats where all the good stuff is. also grab a shuttle (free, available at the stardust) and go to the hard rock cafe (it’s off the strip).

    have fun and take lotsa photos!!!

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