Back from Vegas!!!

EDIT:// Pics are now up on the photodump!!!

OMG.. The trip was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much fun! We did so much fucking crap, and I spent WAY too much money!

Ok, so going back to Friday… Got up at 3:45am and headed to the airport. Got there and checked in. Going through security was HELL! I had both my carryon and laptop bag. They Screened my laptop bag and then said. “We need to search this, it looks like you have a lighter.” So we go over and they start going through it… Nothing. I have no lights. So the bitch goes through every pocket…. Can’t find anyting, so they scan it again… Still say “looks like you have something” so she searches EVERY pocket again! (And my bag has a LOT of pockets). Still nothing -> scan again -> “You have drill bits?”.. WHAT?! Who in the WORlD would travel with drill bits?! Crazy bitch. She takes EVERYTHING out of my bag. Can’t find anything.. Scans AGAIN! … Ends up being my ink pens! I’m sorry, but this is YOUR JOB! You can’t tell what a fucking INK PEN looks like on the xray? Makes me feel REALLY safe!

So then we go and we’re boarding and the National Gaurd shows up and they start searching everyone AGAIN!? This is ridiculous! STUPID!

So meet up with Mike, head back to the hotel room and drop off my shit. He had rented an Audi A8 for the weekend, OMG I’m in LOVE with this car. Amazing! After the hotel we head out to breakfast and then out to the Drive event. I did the Corvette twice and then the Hummer H2 once. That was really fun, the H2 was kinda crazy.

From there we headed out to some Mountian top thing. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was really pretty. You could see where there had been an avalanche or something because all the trees were bent over. Pretty cool stuff. Took some cool pics there as well.

Headed back to the hotel, showered and changed and then hit up the strip. Ate dinner there and then saw Zumanity.. HOLY SHIT, AMAZING! !!!!! I want to see it again! Actualy, I want to go see ALL those shows now.. I just sat there in Awe through the whole show, and we were in row 2, it was amazing. Checked out the strip a bit more and then went home.

Saturday we didn’t get up till like 11 and headed back to the strip checked out all the hotels and the cool stuff, and then I lost my first $1 on the slots. 🙁 Played some air hockey, hit the stratosphere and went out to dinner at this Greek place that ended up costing us $168!!! Holy shit! I about had a heart attack with that.

Caught the last water show after that and then out to drinks at the Bellagio. I wanted to hit up a gay club, but Mike didn’t. :'( From there we headed downtown where it’s REALLY trashy.

Sunday we headed out to Hoover Dam and had a great time just wondering around out there… Took the A8 off roading, now that was a crazy experience! lol. Also found an abanodned truck, tried to call it in, but they just kept transfering me because no one knew who’s district it was in! Being a good samaritan is hard work! lol. Ate dinner at Pink Taco and then I lost another dollar on the slots. :'( No money for me!

Got home about 9ish Sunday night and I crashed. Got up at 4:30 this morning and flew back to LA.

I also bought some art by Todd Goldman. Incluing this one:

I think it’s fitting considering we will soon be on the same floor as Girls Gone Wild

[private]UGH, now for the complaining…. Mike is an ASSHOLE! OMG. Every day we met new people, he had a new job.. One day it was a Lawyer, the next it was a dentist, etc… He would NOT shut up.. He claims to have owned about 8 million different cars.. If you add them up, he’s owned a new car EVERY YEAR he’s been old enough to drive. Including: a Corvette, an M3, Z4, etc. UGH. We went into versace and he went up to everything and loudly said, “I already own this.” Claims he’s been to Europe 30 times… For vacations. Thinks he knows EVERYTHING, and even when you do bring up evidence that he’s WRONG he still argues with you. UGH. I cannot stand it! The best lie though was that he claimed he was carrying a loaded firearm.. Yeah right! He’s a nice enough guy, but get over it, he’s not better then everyone else.

And I always wondered who the assholes were that honked and flashed their lights at you on the interstate, etc for really doing NOTHING but driving… IE. Light had JUST turned green and mike LAYS on the horn at people… EVERY LIGHT… People merge onto the freeway and he seems to think they are trying to race him… So he speeds up and cuts them off.. Someone is “too close” on the freeway and he slams on the brakes and goes 20… UGH.[/private]

In other news… I have 962 e-mails that have piled up over the weekend, so I’m going to spend all day reading those. Adios!

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  1. That way you know it’s not his pen that rights with the blood of his enimies.

    Or, you know, something else.


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